Teamster Voice 288 January/February 2014

TDU Moving Ahead In 2014

January 3, 2014: TDU members are working to make real changes in the direction of our union, starting in our shops and locals and right up to changing the IBT leadership.

Freight Teamsters Deserve Leadership

January 3, 2014: It has been one of the biggest failures of leadership in Hoffa’s 15 years in office. YRCW Teamsters were mailed a ballot for a five-year contract extension, without the union leadership even bargaining for them.

Hoffa’s Concessions Tycoon

January 3, 2014: Meet Harry Wilson. Hoffa appointed this Wall Street tycoon to the YRC Board of Directors. Now Wilson is making millions on the YRC concessions deal.

Meet ORION: Telematics on Steroids

January 3, 2014: ORION takes more decision-making out of the hands of drivers and gives management another tool to harass UPS Teamsters.

UPS Tries to Impose Brownout on Facebook

January 3, 2014: UPS is claiming the right to discipline Teamsters based on company “Social Media Guidelines” that govern everything from online chat rooms and forums to blogs, and Facebook.

UPS Teamsters Look Ahead

January 3, 2014: UPS Teamsters speak out on the contract fight and how we can keep organizing for a stronger union and against corporate greed.

Time to Defend Our Pensions

January 3, 2014: Major changes to federal pension laws will be considered by Congress in 2014. Teamster members, along with the AARP and the Pension Rights Center, are organizing to defend your right to your pension.


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