Teamster Warehouse Jobs Under Attack

May 20, 2011: More than 1,300 Teamsters lost their jobs when C&S closed its A&P/Pathmark operations in New Jersey this spring.

Now 200 more Teamsters in Maryland have lost their jobs. Forty percent of the work at the Giant grocery warehouse there will now be done out of a nonunion automated warehouse in York, Pa.

In separate deals, Giant agreed not to outsource Teamster perishable or transportation work for three years. C&S continues to threaten to move Teamster jobs at risk in Boston Local 25 and Buffalo Local 264.

C&S, the largest third-party grocery distribution company, has made no secret of its plans to eliminate the Teamster jobs in the Northeast and move the work to nonunion facilities in Pennsylvania and Chester, N.Y.

A coalition of local unions came together last year to take on the nonunion C&S threat. They began leafleting stores to put pressure on C&S by reaching out to customers.

IBT Undermines Officers

But the International Union undermined the local unions at every turn. Hoffa administration officials told local officials to stop fighting to save Teamster jobs in New Jersey and to settle for a severance package instead.

IBT officials even told local officers to call off their campaign and stop leafleting stores.

Local officers refused and demanded International Union support.

Under growing pressure, the IBT finally started to move.

The International sent a delegation to Amsterdam to protest at the shareholders meeting of Royal Ahold to tell the Dutch multinational to stop outsourcing jobs to C&S and supported union rallies in the D.C. area.

The new contracts signed in Maryland and D.C. saved more than four hundred Teamster jobs, while 200 Teamster jobs were lost.

More than 1,500 warehouse distribution Teamsters in the Northeast have seen their jobs eliminated by C&S in 2011 alone.

According to the IBT, C&S has shut down more than 20 union warehouses, moving work to non-union facilities where the company pays workers 40 to 60 percent less.

If we’re going to defend our jobs and organize the nonunion competition, our International Union needs a coordinated plan, not stopgap measures.

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