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Building Union Power by Putting Members First

The newly-elected Members First Slate is living up to its name in the 14,000-member Local 135.

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Investigating Grievances

Use these tips to improve your chances of winning your grievances.

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UPS Contract Campaign

Wall Street and the company are getting theirs. Teamsters at UPS are coming for ours in the 2023 contract.

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How to Organize a Successful Contract Unity Pledge Drive

The UPS contract unity pledge has been a great way to get members fired up about contract negotiations in my local.

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Busting Management Myths: Strike Edition

The 1997 UPS strike delivered labor’s biggest victory in decades. For the first time in 25 years, our union is mounting a serious strike threat at UPS again.

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Chicago Teamsters Stand Up for Strong Waste Industry Contracts

Rank-and-file members are challenging business-as-usual in Chicago Local 731 and fighting for strong contracts.

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Rail Teamsters Organize After Contract Debacle

Rail Teamsters United, a new coalition of rank-and-file Rail Teamsters, is gearing up for their next contract with an in-person Rail Summit in Chicago for BLET and BMWED Teamsters.

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Ohio Derailment: “Carrier Greed is off the Rails”

On February 3, a Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, releasing toxic chemicals into the surrounding area.

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Produce Workers Unite for Respect

Fed up with low wages, unsafe working conditions, and weak union representation, members are organizing for change at one of Chicago's largest produce distributors.

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Recent News

Online Workshop: The Legal Rights of Union Stewards

Hundreds of Teamster members joined our webinar on The Legal Rights of Union Stewards with labor attorney Dave Suetholz. Check out a recording of the workshop below, plus workshop slides and resources for grievance investigation.

Important Update on Yellow Corp Bankruptcy

As Yellow Corporation moves to liquidate its assets, the IBT is fighting for former Yellow Teamsters in court to recover vacation pay, grievance settlements, and other monetary claims. Teamster benefit funds are also demanding full payment. 

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