Teamsters Unite for Change

May 20, 2011: Sandy Pope will be officially nominated for general president at this month’s teamster convention.

Ballots to elect the next president of our International Union will go out to 1.3 million Teamsters this October.

But it’s what members do between now and then that will determine the future of our union, and the entire labor movement.

Our union may not survive 18 years of Hoffa at the wheel—but that’s just what we’ll face if Hoffa gets another five-year term.

That’s why Teamsters across North America are teaming up to dump Hoffa and elect Sandy Pope.

Sandy is the only candidate for General President that has the support of both local union officers and a grassroots network of Teamster rank-and-file volunteers.

The election boils down to a numbers game. It will take 10,000 Teamster volunteers to turn out the 175,000 votes we need to win.

These are achievable goals. But it takes us. Sandy is the candidate. But to win this fall, members have to make this our campaign. Click here to get involved.


Teamster Voice