National TForce Negotiations Kick Off

National negotiations kick off this week for the contract covering around 11,500 Teamsters at TForce. 

Key issues for members include subcontracting, healthcare, and wages.

Members also want to create work-rules to bring the TForce contract more in line with other Teamster Freight contracts. Last year the International Union moved the TForce out of the Package Division and into the Freight Division.

The TForce contract expires on July 31, the same day that the UPS contract expires.

2022 TForce revenues were down compared to 2021 due to the company’s “intentional elimination of unprofitable freight.” However revenues per shipment in US LTL operations were up 13.3% over the past year. TForce’s operating ratio was 90%.

Check out TFI’s 2022 Annual Report for more information.

Sean O’Brien and Freight Director John A. Murphy will chair the negotiations. “We are ready, we are militant, and we will win strong national contracts for Teamster members at TForce and ABF this year,” said Murphy.

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