UPS Tells Drivers to Listen to Hoffa Rep

If the new supplements are so great, why do Hoffa-Hall need help from UPS management to sell the contract?

UPS management sent a message out to drivers in yesterday to attend a building meeting with IBT Vice President John Murphy who is out pushing a Yes vote on the rejected contract supplements in Philadelphia Local 623 and Metro Philadelphia. 

Management sent the message via the DIAD board which is used to track deliveries and issue instructions to employees.

Management’s DIAD message yesterday: “Teamster Rep John Murphy will be in the building tomorrow at 0820 am in front of the center to discuss ratification vote. You are encouraged to attend.”

Who are IBT reps working for: you or UPS?


For years my ups management has informed us if the Local BA's were coming out to the building. For whatever the reason. That way if you have questions or concerns you can be prepared to show up early or stay late to ask questions. The company and the union have to work together. We wanted this info on healthcare and now they are coming out to give us the info and everyone is mad.  You may not like what they have to offer however we wanted the information and now we have it.