Why they Attack TDU

March 24, 2013: Ken Hall, the Hoffa administration’s chief negotiator with UPS, made a big show of denouncing TDU on a March 23 conference call with officers and shop stewards. Why it is so important to attack TDU at contract time?

Ken Hall took several minutes out of a national conference call with 2,000 shop stewards to denounce TDU. He claimed that TDU had “endangered” UPS members by publicizing the conference call on our website and as a result he would not be able to discuss confidential “union strategy” on the call.

This attack is completely phony, but the timing of the attack—right before an early contract settlement is reached—is no coincidence.

First, the phony part. Obviously, TDU did not and would never disclose confidential union information to management. Never.

TDU publicized the conference call so that more Teamsters could get a contract update and share the information with their fellow members—something Hall asked them to do at the start of the call. TDU has done the same thing for Teamster UPS conference calls for years. No one from the IBT has ever made an issue about it.

Hall himself asked Local Unions to distribute the conference call codes to well over 4,000 stewards, and he reported that 2,000 were on the call. There is no such thing as a “secret” among thousands of people. The IBT knows that UPS management is going to be on the call. This is factored into Ken Hall’s talking points on every call.  

No one seriously believes that Hall, who has kept the union’s bargaining proposals secret even from local officers, was going to discuss “union strategy” on a call with thousands of people.

So why the attack and why now?

A contract settlement is expected soon. When the contact comes out, Hall knows that TDU will be printing information and analysis of the agreement so members can cast an informed vote and decide whether the new language is adequate to protect Teamsters from the problems that have exploded under the concessionary agreement Hall negotiated last time, including: production harassment, excessive stop counts, 9.5 violations, invasive technology, “dishonesty”, terminations, full-time job elimination, part-time poverty and other problems.

Hall is counting on many local officers and business agents to sell whatever deal he negotiates—no questions asked.  The point of Hall’s attack was to give them “the script” for attacking TDU, the only source in our union of independent information on the contract.  

Hoffa administration attacks against TDU at contract time are nothing new. We won’t let politics get in the way of doing our job of informing and uniting Teamster members.

TDU members will continue to back the International Union when it stands up to the company. And we will continue to keep members informed, to mobilize members and to make UPS deliver a fair contract. 

 That’s where we stand. How about you? Click here to let us know what you think.



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I don't understand how harassing employees boosts production. It's a shameless act of cowardice. I have MS and am told I can't be treated any different than the rest. I complained of being worn out and not able to work as fast. My supervisor then said "then I guess I'll have to ride with you until you speed up". I'm not a sue happy person, and have never done so. I am seriously considering it, as I keep a record of it. The 9.5 really applies to my condition, and I get abused the most. I hope things change. I really do.

If I would to take a position as exaggerated as Hall's comments against TDU, then I'd would say that the confidential union strategy has been discussed between UPS, Hall and company, because we have only heard of one Contract Update since negotiations started back in 2012, and mostly everything has been kept in the dark or on closed doors.

Since Hall hasn't kept us really informed and updated about all the negotiations since 2012, his comments against TDU are really off topic.

Local 391

I work at the Morrisville Center here in NC I joined the Union almost 3 years ago for fair working conditions as well as job security. However During the pre-load shift we have no representation. All the shop stewards are on the same drivers shift. Harrasment is becoming an issue and none of the stewards are willing to come in on the pre-load to help us with these issues due to them not being paid for it. What can we do?

Those are the sort of stewards UPS wants, cowards self centered sobs. Send them back to the general population. If they don't care so they shouldn't be a steward. Take their position. Sell outs.

Send a letter or call your union hall.  Call for an election of a shop steward for your shift.  There is no way you should not have one during your shift, especially is a serious discipline problem arises during your shift.

Greetings, Thank you for all you do. Keeping us members informed with a concise truth. Your courage and unwavering desire to stand up to attacks waged by forces that do not have our best interests at heart is commendable. God bless all of you...


Personally I don't trust the company or the Union to keep me honestly updated on the progress of negotiations. I have been a UPS Teamster for 22 years and have seen the way these negotiations have gone in the past. Each side seems to publicize what makes them look good to the members/employees. A third source seems to keep everyone honest.

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed.

Gerald Horrocks

I would like to give you guys thanks for all the information provided. It feels good in knowing there are other Teamsters out there with the same concerns as I. Please don't let Ken Hall dishearten your efforts in keeping us informed and up-to-date on all imperative issues concerning the contract. I commend you guys for all the difficult work that has been done.