Zollars to Retire—Again

June 29, 2011: Tyson Johnson made a special announcement at the Teamster Convention—Bill Zollars is supposed to retire from YRC.

That’s good news for YRC Teamsters. In fact, it’s the second time they’ve heard it.

In September 2010, the IBT promised YRC Teamsters that Zollars would step down if they approved the third round of concessions.

All YRC Teamsters will be glad to see Zollars go, and want to know who will replace him.

Johnson announced that he knows who the new CEO is—but he isn’t telling.

Wednesday Nomination Results

The nominees for regional vice president are listed here, along with the delegate nomination voting results.

The three vice presidents from Teamsters Canada were elected without opposition, and the three Hoffa slate candidates for vice president in the Western Region were also, because the three candidates on the Gegare Slate in the West did not receive the necessary 21 nominating votes from delegates.

The nominations for General President will happen on Thursday.

Teamster Convention Updates

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TDU will be posting regular updates from the Teamster Convention all this week.