June 20, 2015: Reserve your spot early for the TDU Convention—Oct. 23-25, Cleveland Airport Sheraton—and save money. Register before October 1, to get an early bird discount.

July 15, 2015: The movement to head off pension cuts and protect Teamster pensions continues to grow, even as the Central States Fund plans to announce their intention to slash earned pensions.

"I've been a Teamster for over two years now and have quickly learned the importance of the information available from TDU. I joined simply because the education and knowledge TDU provides is second to none."
Jeremy Reed
Cassens Transport Company
Local 327, Nashville

UPDATED June 29, 2015: Some 150 retired and active Teamsters stood proud at the Capitol as the Keep our Pension Promises Act was introduced in the US House and Senate.


YRCW: Concessions and Profits

July 31, 2015: YRCW stock jumped 25% within minutes of today’s opening, following the second quarter report on YRCW’s best period in a decade. What will it mean for 20,000 Teamsters who made it possible?

Central States to Propose Cuts August 31?

July 28, 2015: The Central States Pension Fund (CSPF) Trustees have sent a letter to the US Department of Treasury stating that they want to propose their “rescue plan” pension cuts on or about August 31.

UPS Profits Jump to $1.3 Billion

July 28, 2015: UPS profits for the second quarter went up, even though revenue is down. The company is squeezing more profits out of every package and every worker.

Teamsters United Volunteers in Action

July 16, 2015: With the August 15 deadline closing in, Teamster volunteers are picking up the pace in the drive to collect 50,000 signatures to accredit Tim Sylvester and the Teamsters United Slate.