Stop Excessive Overtime and Make UPS Pay for Violations

The International Union has launched a 9.5 rights campaign at UPS. Sign the 9.5 list by January 5 to stop excessive overtime, get your dispatch adjusted, and make UPS pay for violations. Read more to download 9.5 enforcement materials.


UPS Teamsters won stronger 9.5 rights in the new contract. It’s time to enforce them. The first step is for every RPCD to sign up for the 9.5 list.


How 9.5 Rights Work 

After you sign up, if UPS works you over 9.5 hours three times in a week, the company must pay triple time for all hours you work over 9.5 hours on any day during the week.

If the company violates your 9.5 rights more than four times, the District Labor Manager must meet with the union and fix your dispatch so that you can finish on time. Under the new contract, the company must hold an elevated meeting within 45 days. 

If the company continues to violate your 9.5 rights after the elevated meeting, you will be paid quadruple time for every hour worked over 9.5 hours. 


9.5 List Sign-Up Days

The IBT is encouraging local unions and members to organize 9.5 list sign-up days to get every driver signed up on the same day. Use our 9.5 sign up day guide for tips on holding your own 9.5 sign up day

Set up outside your building, talk to every driver, and get them to sign up. Use the IBT 9.5 sign-up sheet and pass out this 9.5 flyer.

Let members know in advance about the 9.5 List Sign-Up Day by sending out texts, passing out leaflets or both.

Contact TDU to get a custom textable graphic or leaflet with the date and time of your sign-up day. 


9.5 Rights Eligibility

Every RPCD can and should sign the 9.5 list. All drivers who had 9.5 rights under the previous contract will maintain their eligibility. 

Former 22.4 drivers who are now RPCDs qualify for 9.5 rights if:

  • You have a bid route
  • You cover the same route for a full week OR
  • You have more than 4 years seniority as a package driver

Even if you are not going to be 9.5 eligible every week, you should still sign the 9.5 list. That way you will get your 9.5 penalty pay as soon as you are eligible. 

Click here to print the UPS Teamsters United leaflet


Click here to print the UPS Teamsters United 9.5 List Sign-Up Day Guide




Click here to print the IBT 9.5 Sign-Up List


Click here to download the IBT Social Media Graphics


For more information, see the Teamster 9.5 toolkit at