Hoffa Names UPS Freight Negotiator

Hoffa has appointed Kris Taylor from Dallas Local 745 to negotiate the UPS Freight contract.  UPS Freight Teamsters need to be ready to fight for a good contract, because their lead negotiator will not be.


Hoffa passed over Central Region Vice President Tony Jones to opt for a Business Agent from Dallas Local 745. Jones is an outspoken opponent of concessions.

Taylor, the brother of Local 745 principal officer Brent Taylor, is a reliable Hoffa hack who has never seen a contract giveback he doesn’t like.

The Taylor brothers have endorsed concessions in every Teamster national contract in the trucking industry, including UPS Freight, UPS, ABF, YRC, and carhaul.

UPS Freight Teamsters voted down the weak contract negotiated by the Hoffa administration in 2013. But the International Union pushed through another weak contract on a second vote that left key problems in place.

This time, Teamsters United is organizing in advance with UPS Freight Teamsters to fight for the contract members deserve.

Click here to join the Teamsters United UPS Freight Contract Network

Download a leaflet and sign up sheet to register UPS Freight Teamsters to get contract updates.


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  • Phil Casey
    commented 2017-09-13 20:50:08 -0400
    I know this won’t be popular, but live with it. You & your fellow rank & file voted in the current President. And he leans more toward the company than the voters that put him in office. Or there might be something you can do. If Hoffa forces a sub par contract on you & your fellow Teamsters, then refuse to report to work. All of you. Not just 18%. The other 82% who did not vote during the last general election need to jump on board & support a wild cat strike, or some job action that will force all the parties to sit down & figure it out. No, never mind. My idea of the rank & file actually is wishful thinking. I wish everybody the best in the coming contract talks. Ya gonna need it. von.
  • Carl Willis
    followed this page 2017-09-12 20:58:04 -0400
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