Negotiations Resume at UPS and UPS Freight

February 25, 2013: Harassment, subcontracting and healthcare are on the table as national negotiations resume at UPS and UPS Freight.

The National Negotiating Committees at UPS and UPS Freight returned to the bargaining table after wrapping up a second consecutive weekend of contract rallies. 

UPS Teamsters packed rallies in Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa and Orlando.  

In New Jersey, Local 177 members stuffed the meeting room far beyond capacity. Ken Hall addressed more than 500 Teamsters inside and Hoffa spoke to another 500+ Teamsters crammed in the parking lot.

If management wants to know if members are paying attention to the contract, they have their answer. 

UPS Teamsters have delivered record profits in a bad economy. The question is: what will the contract deliver?

Over-supervision and harassment have many members at the breaking point. 

Members are calling for clear, enforceable language that provides meaningful protections against harassment, subcontracting, technology, and excessive overtime.

Teamsters Talk Back After Contract Rallies

"It felt great to be with a couple thousand UPS Teamsters united in solidarity. Part-time, package car, feeders, everyone. We need to keep the pressure on the company. Let them know we will not settle short like the last contract."

Alex Tenchavez, , Local 396, Los Angeles



"We've been waiting for five years to negotiate new contract language to deal with subcontracting, harassment, full-time jobs, 9.5, and dishonesty.  This is our chance and we need to come away with improvements we can sink our teeth into."

John Youngermann, Local 688, St. Louis.



"The rally pulled members together to draw a line in the sand that we're not going to accept concessions on healthcare.  We need to keep up the pressure and draw the same line in the sand on our other contract issues. Members need to know what we're fighting for on 9.5, technology, harassment, full-time jobs, part-time wage increases and other key issues.”

Jeff Mullins, Local 135, Indianapolis



The usual problems with supervision, harassment and production must be resolved. But what about the 20,000 full time 22.5 jobs? How about the fact that the current 5 year contract gives the members at least a 5% PAYCUT for the last 5 years? How about the fact that the media continues to grossly understate UPS profits---3.5 billion in UPS profits went to stock buy backs and dividend checks. And nearly a billion more in paper write offs for the Northern New England Pension that is only costing UPS about 50 Million a year. So that is nearly 5 BILLION MORE THAT MUST BE CONSIDERED.

So not only must the Union protect our benefits they must insure that there are NO MORE PAY CUTS!!!!! If we do not get at least a 3% raise every single year we are getting screwed by inflation. People UPS is paying peanuts in inflation adjusted dollars compared to 35 years ago. And we are doing 50% more work.

We have done the work and made the profits. Now the question is will UPS honor its side of the bargain?

Absolutely agree that we need much in this new contract.  9.5 language that doesn't take a career-length amount of time to run through the grievance process would be a good start.  Also, a pension benefit that pays enough to live on (presently it is about 1/3 of what I presently earn per month). How does a man retire to that?  Perhaps all retirement trust money should be invested in UPS stock since UPS seems to be  the only entity able to make a substantial, repeated profit .   A side note ; Congrats John Youngermann on your recent legal win.