Wisconsin Retirees and Teamsters to Rally at Democratic Debate

Teamster retiree and current members plan to rally outside the Democratic Party debate on Thursday at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. The rally will raise strong opposition to proposed cuts to their Central States pensions. 


Bernie Sanders, Senate sponsor of the Keep Our Pension Promises Act (KOPPA), will undoubtedly draw attention to the attack on working people during the debate. Activists plan to make the pension issue front and center of any media coverage. 

The rally will commence at 4 pm, prior to the debate at UW Milwaukee. Parking is provided in the Summerfest Parking area – 591 East Erie St. Meet at the south end of the area - shuttle buses are being provided by Teamster Local 200. Shuttle rides begin at 2:30 pm. For further info contact the Wisconsin Committee to Protect Pensions chair: Bob Amsden 414-688-5010.

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  • Anthony Guercio
    commented 2016-02-15 01:34:30 -0500
    It saddens me with what has been happening to Central States. I worked there for 13 years from 75 to 89. I am vested with 13 years and want to retire next year at 60 YRS old, and would like to get my pension. Good thing I don’t have to rely on that money for anything more than pocket change for a month. But for the thousands of members that worked their entire lives as a Teamster and will depend on that money since our “government” decides “others” deserve our money for not working than us who actually worked for it.
    First all politicians pensions should be revoked and all their assets be taken as retribution for the years they have stolen from the people.
    Don’t listen to bernie since he is a Marxist and that experiment failed miserably.
    Republicans and Democrats…..no difference, either will destroy our country.
  • Michael Schaffer
    commented 2016-02-11 14:04:36 -0500
    Join me in forwarding this article on to candidates campaigns, PBS, CNN all major networks. USA Today your local newspaper…Do someting today ! make your voice heard…
  • Le Goans
    commented 2016-02-10 20:08:36 -0500
    The stealing from pension plans in America has got to come to a screeching halt. This lawlessness will no doubt continue unless the big banks are forced to restore “100%” of their ill gotten gains to the retirement plans they have raided and made serve mandatory jail sentences.
  • Bob Amsden
    commented 2016-02-10 15:15:24 -0500
    Thanks, for the article. I can’t stress enough on how critical it will be to have a massive turnout. This is going to be covered by over 400 National Media personal. Please if you can’t attend call someone in the Milwaukee Area and let them know that you want them to be there for you.
    In Solidarity,
    Bob Amsden
    Wisconsin Committee to Protect Pensions.
  • Kim Smith
    commented 2016-02-10 13:22:30 -0500
    Great idea
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