Chicago Leader Shakes Up Teamster Race

Juan Campos, the leader of Chicago Local 705, announced today that he is running for International Union Vice President At-Large with Sean O’Brien and Fred Zuckerman. 


Today’s announcement shakes up the race for International Union leadership. Campos heads the powerhouse Local 705, a Chicago-based local with more than 17,000 members.  

“We are three of the most active Locals in the Teamsters Union,” Campos said of Local 705, Boston Local 25, and Louisville Local 89.

“We work hard to engage the members and put Union power back where it belongs: with the rank-and-file.  We are not running simply to run. We are running to win and we are running to make big changes in the Teamsters Union,” Campos said.

“Sean and I are committed to making this union the most powerful union in the country and I am very proud, and very honored, to stand here with somebody that shares the same vision as we do to lead this vision forward,” Fred Zuckerman said. 

From Vote No to Vote Them Out

Every Teamster will get a vote for International Union leaders in 2021.The Hoffa-Hall administration came within 6,000 votes of being defeated in the last vote.

By imposing contract givebacks at UPS after a majority of members voted to reject the contract, Hoffa is widely seen as having hammered the last nail in his political coffin. 

“Instead of listening to the members to fight for more, the administration ignored the voice of the members and called it quits. They rolled over because UPS told them to,” Campos said. “A Union that ignores the will of its members is democratic in name only. It’s time the members take back control of our Union.”

Zuckerman credited Chicago activists and reform campaigners for their efforts in the 2016 election and guaranteed that if members get involved in 2021, “We will win.”

A New Direction

Campos said new leadership needs a new vision. “You look around the country and you see teachers in Los Angeles, in West Virginia, and right here in Chicago taking bold action, and, most importantly, winning.

“Their leadership marched hand-in-hand with those bold Union members to make things better for themselves and working people around the country. As Teamsters, that’s the type of dynamic leadership you deserve,” Campos said.

TDU has not endorsed any candidates for International Union office. But we are organizing now with our sights set on the critical year of 2021.

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