The Big PR job: Officials in West Go All Out to Sell the UPS Contract

November 19, 2013: After leaving UPSers in the dark for months, Teamster officials are working overtime to sell a weak contract that would mean smaller pensions for UPSers in the Southwest.

The company’s offer is not good enough to sell itself. So Teamster officials have become full-time contract pitchmen. In Los Angeles, Local 396 business agents are even visiting hubs in the middle of night. They have never worked overtime like that to represent members. 

Their goal is to convince UPSers that the contract is a done deal and they will not negotiate any improvements even if members Vote No again.

If that’s true, it’s time to replace every one of these officials who can pass out lies and PR, but can’t bargain a thing from a company that made $4.5 billion—even when they’re backed by a united No Vote by the membership.

The ballots were mailed last week and received over the past few days. They will be counted on December 10.

The sales pitch includes brochures, letters, and outright lies. Get the facts that they’re leaving out of their sales job.

Healthcare and January 1

One of the big lies is that: you will lose your health coverage on January 1 unless you vote yes. The truth is, your healthcare is secure. Download this bulletin and get the truth.

Hiding Contract Details

The entire contract was kept secret from members until it arrived with the ballot and the PR barrage.

It includes hidden concessions, including a change that requires UPSers to work one punch a week (not one punch a month) to get your healthcare. 

Most of the time, this will be no problem. But if you get sick or injured late in the year after you have used your vacation and personal days, this could cost you a bundle. Download a bulletin with info on this and other hidden contract concessions.

Pension Accruals Reduced in the Southwest

UPS Teamsters in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico will pay a steep price for the new Health Plan in the form of smaller pensions in the future.

Teamsters in Washington, Oregon, and the Rockies will accrue much larger pensions than Teamsters in the Southwest—even though they all work under the same Western Supplement and get their pensions from the same Pension Fund. Download a bulletin on the pension grab.

New Jersey Local 177 Teamsters

UPS Teamsters in New Jersey Local 177 will also have $1.50 per hour in new pension contributions diverted to pay for the new Health Plan. 

This pension grab will cost the Local 177 Fund $30 million in contributions by the end of the contract.

Local 177 members will be asked to give up 30¢ per hour of their annual wage increases every year to fund a pension increase.

The wage diversion from Local 177 members comes to $1.50 an hour by the end of the contract the same amount of pension money that is being diverted into the Health Plan to pay for the benefits.

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