Committee for New Leadership Lays Groundwork for Campaign

September 15, 2005: “Teamsters who want new IBT leadership can’t wait until 2006 to get started,” said Atlanta Local 728 President Randy Brown. “We have work that’s got to get done this fall. We need to petition to get a reform slate officially accredited, and we need to prepare to win the delegate elections. Those have got to be priorities for Teamsters who want change in this union.”

Brown is part of the Committee for New Leadership, a network of Teamster officers and leaders working to pull together a strong and diverse reform slate for the International Union election in 2006.

September 5, 2005: The committee is preparing to announce an initial slate of candidates and to launch an accreditation petition drive so these candidates will have the right to publish their program in the campaign “battle pages” section of the Teamster magazine.

“A number of us are prepared to run for the General Executive Board as part of a reform team,” said Dan Scott, the Secretary-Treasurer of Seattle Local 174. “We need leadership at the IBT that can bring together Teamster members and officers to rebuild this union’s power and take on the big challenges including organizing Overnite, defending members’ pensions and benefits, building strong local unions, and gearing up for successful negotiations at UPS and freight in 2008.”

“We’re prepared to work with all Teamsters who want to dump Hoffa, to make sure every Teamster that wants change feels represented in a new IBT leadership,” said T.C. Bundrant, the president of Tenn. Local 549.

Teamster members are getting involved by building local campaign committees, making fundraising plans and preparing to run in upcoming elections for IBT Convention Delegate. Special campaign preparation meetings will be held at the TDU Convention in November.

If you’re interested in building the campaign in your area, contact TDU.

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