Educational Workshops Available from TDU

When you have a problem at work or in our union, a little education can go a long way in finding a solution.

Our union is stronger when members know their rights and how to use them.

For over 30 years, TDU members have been setting up educational workshops and training Teamsters to know their rights, solve workplace problems, and build stronger locals.

“When members of our local tried to call our BA about a problem we were having, he took his phone off the hook. We decided to hold a rank-and-file workshop to discuss how we could solve the problem ourselves. We brought in a TDU organizer, and we put together a plan to make UPS honor our contract. Now we’ve won a promise from the company that the problem will be solved.”
Doug Carpenter , UPS Feeder Driver Local 29, Staunton, Va.

“Last year I attended the TDU Convention for the first time, and I was really impressed with all the workshops that are available. TDU is the place to go if you want to learn how to win more grievances or win a better contract. Now I’m bringing that knowledge back to the members in my local.”
Isidro Valdivia, Waste Management Local 396, Los Angeles, Calif.

New Pension Workshops Available from TDU:

The Teamster Pension Divide
A study of Teamster pension plans shows a growing “Pension Divide” with the new UPS Pension Plan paying the worst benefits in the country. What does this mean for you and your pension and what can Teamster members do about it?

Central States—After the UPS Pullout
What will the UPS Pullout mean for the tens of thousands of Teamsters who remain in the Central States Pension Fund? What can members and our union do to protect our retirement security?

Protecting Your Pension in the Age of the Red Zone
The Pension Protection Act is now in effect. What does it mean for you and your pension?

Click here to contact TDU about setting up a pension workshop in your area.

Other Workshops Available from TDU

Enforcing the UPS Contract
Find out how to use the new contract language and hear successful strategies for enforcing the agreement.

Organizing to Win a Strong Contract
Learn tactics that can unite members, increase your bargaining leverage, and help you win a stronger contract.

Legal Rights on the Job and in the Union
Use real-life scenarios to learn more about the ins and outs of your legal rights on the job and in the union.

Shop Stewards’ Rights and Strategies
Legal rights and effective strategies that active members can use to enforce the contract and defend members from discipline.

Putting Teeth in the Grievance Procedure
Don’t let management bog you down in the grievance procedure. How to choose your battles and use grievances to combat apathy and build unity.

Running for Local Union Office
Common mistakes and proven strategies from winning campaigns on how to run for office and win by planning a reform campaign.

Click here to contact TDU about setting up a workshop in your area. Be sure to include your phone number so a TDU organizer can contact you.

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