Letters From Our Members

Freight ‘08: Raise the Wages

I’m 58 years old now and I’m back to working casual. Our dock rate is just $16 an hour—that’s unreal.

I hope the new contract will bring better wages and stop giving back to these companies.

The CEOs are making an outrageous amount of money. We need to get higher wages, increase the pension, and protect our retirees.

David Bowers
Local 397, Yellow
Erie, Penn.

Ashamed of Hahs

Don Hahs has shamed our union. I smelled a rat a few years ago when he said that Michael Ward, President and CEO of CSX Transportation, was a very close and personal friend.

When our union sells out to CSX like it has over the last several years you have to wonder. You have to wonder when the BLET endorses the most recent Single System Agreement with CSX: Our medical co-pays have gone up, and we’re having to pay a big portion for our medical premiums. Before we did not have to pay any of the premium.

We keep giving and getting nothing in return for our services to the company. Who are our top leaders working for? We definitely know who Don Hahs is for—himself.

Angry and Ashamed
in the Midwest

Can a New Truck Organize?

At our last union meeting, our local voted to spend over $100,000 on a new truck.

We’ve got a big new challenge in the Southern California grocery industry: Tesco is coming in with plans to open a nonunion warehouse and nonunion stores.

Paul Kenny, our secretary treasurer, says the new truck will help us organize new members. But we already have one truck, and it hasn’t helped us organize. A truck doesn’t talk to workers or sign cards. We need to spend this money on more organizers, not toys.

Phil Richards, Steward
Local 630, Unified Grocers
Los Angeles

Hands Off Central States

I can’t believe our leaders would even consider letting UPS or anyone out of the Central States pension fund.

We should be getting more contracts into the fund—not less.
UPS is not looking out for our best interests. They’re only looking at their bottom line.

Jerry Lamm
Local 24, Retired
Akron, Ohio

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