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UPS Tries to Change Law on Rest Breaks
[The Los Angeles Times reported in December that regulatory changes on required meal breaks, proposed by California Governor Schwarzenegger, had been pulled, at least temporarily. Rob Moorhead says UPS lobbied for these changes in response to a lawsuit filed by some of their California drivers over meal and rest break violations.]

Gotta love that Brown-Corporate-Mindset; if UPS breaks the law, just change the law! That’s what those special interest monies are for, after all.
Funny thing though, UPS argues that these new regulations would give workers additional latitude in taking their meal breaks, but UPS drivers already enjoy more rights and latitude under their contract and existing regulations, than under the new regulations. The only benefit seen is reduced exposure to liability and accountability for UPS under the new regulations.

I am told that the first time the regulations reached the “Governator’s” desk last month, it was rejected for being too transparently UPS-specific in scope. By the time it was rewritten as a broader measure, adverse public opinion grew to such an extent that the proposal was pulled.

See, UPS can be beaten! The planets must be in alignment, buy a lotto ticket today!
Rob Moorhead
Local 396, UPS
West Covina, Cal.

Focus on Central States Cuts

TDU should focus on the Central States Pension Fund. Are these cuts in benefits really necessary? What new cuts are the “trustees” planning to cram down our throats?
Earl Mustard
Local 41, Jack Cooper Transport
Kansas City, Mo.

NAFTA’s Historical Context Needed
I am writing in response to a letter from Jeffrey Ross in the January 2005 Convoy Dispatch. It states, among other comments, that, “Bill Clinton did us no favors with NAFTA.”

George H. W. Bush along with the Canadian Prime Minister and the President of Mexico signed the North American Free Trade Agreement on 12/17/1992, marking the end to a process that began in 1991 when the three leaders announced they would negotiate the trade accord. Furthermore the original NAFTA idea was hatched and aggressively pursued by the Reagan administration.

I applaud Mr. Ross’s plea to make politicians accountable, but I suggest he keep his facts in a more accurate historical context. For what it’s worth I voted for Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic primary, a progressive pro-worker candidate who vehemently opposed, and vowed to overturn, both NAFTA and CAFTA.
Gregory G. Drallos
Local 299, Yellow/Roadway

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