Letters from our Members

Cut the Race Car and the Perks

The Teamsters are considering a pay cut at ABF. What needs to happen before we get screwed over is this: ABF needs to get rid of the race car and let the CEO and the other super over-paid suits skip their bonuses and commission for a year.

Then start getting rid of useless stuff like the company magazine I get every month or even cut it back to just black and white paper.

If I see any of these things happen, I might consider skipping a cost of living raise this year. But as far as capping a vacation, I have been busting my butt for seven years and my three week vacation will go into effect in September. I plan on spending the days with my four-year old son. DO NOT let ABF screw over its employees’ time off with our families.

Nathan Runion, ABF Local 391, North Carolina

Multiple Pensions and Equal Sacrifice

Isn’t Tyson Johnson the same guy that is selling a pay concession to the ABF guys? How many paychecks and pensions do these guys need before they let everyone have theirs at 100 percent?

There should be only ONE paycheck or pension available to any one member. Pick the ONE you want, and forfeit the rest. Equal sacrifice for all parties, isn’t that what Tyson said on that conference call?

Nunzio Italia, ABF Local 710, Chicago

Don’t Roll Over at ABF

ABF Teamsters should not be lumped into the YRC pool of concessions. Our company is different in many ways and different financially.

To just throw out the same pay cut as YRC is not fair practice. The Master Freight Agreement has been broken since the YRC went on their own concession agreement.

Don’t just roll over and say Yes to everything that the company wants. Let’s investigate what will help the employees and the company together. What sacrifices does everyone have to take? It should be a collective effort from everyone.

Steve Young, ABF Local 695, Madison, Wis.

UPS Freight Subcontracting

In Fontana, Calif., they have been using subcontractors for two years—and for two years cutting runs on every holiday, including Good Friday and shipping it by rail.

You are telling me that a company that can’t plan anything two hours ahead, already knows two or three days ahead that there is no freight coming back?

It is the fault of the union for letting them get away with subcontracting in the beginning. THIS IS BULL.

Terry McFarland, UPS Freight Local 63, Fontana, Calif.

Caution on Pension Bills

TDU should not support any pension reform bill until we know more about how it will protect Teamster retirees and their spouses. This language about partitioning and “orphans” has me really worried.

I opted for the surviving spouse option so I already take a reduced pension benefit. What do we know about how the new pension legislation will protect my wife when I die? How do we know the government will continue to pay the same benefits that the New York State Teamster Fund promised me when I signed on for my benefits?

Don’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon until we have all the facts.

Donald Piatek, CF (retired) Local 449, Buffalo, N.Y.

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