Make UPS Deliver All 20,000 Full-Time Combo Jobs!

August 18, 2008: UPS is violating our contract and ducking its obligation to create and maintain 20,000 full-time combo jobs.

It's time for union action to make UPS deliver all 20,000 full-time combo jobs that we are owed and that working Teamsters have been waiting for.

You can help make it happen by downloading the Make UPS Deliver grievance action packet.

Across the country, members are filing grievances and distributing informational leaflets. We need your help to put pressure on UPS and top Teamster officials to deliver the 20,000 full-time combo jobs the company owes us.

Click here to download an informational leaflet.

Click here to download sample grievance language.

Click here to tell us what is happening with Article 22.3 jobs in your local.

UPS Violates Obligation to Create Full-Time Jobs

Under the contract, UPS was required to create 20,000 full-time combo jobs as of August 1, including 2,500 new full-time combo positions since August 2007.

The company has NOT created these jobs. In fact, UPS is thousands of jobs short of the 20,000 minimum number of combo jobs. As a result, thousands of UPS part-timers are being denied full-time jobs.

Full-Time Positions Being Destroyed

UPS should be creating thousands of full-time combo jobs until it creates the 20,000 required by Article 22.3. Instead, the company is destroying existing 22.3 positions.

Some local unions report that management has refused to fill Article 22.3 positions that are vacant. In some areas, the company has even started laying off Article 22.3 employees and forcing them to go back to part-time.

No one reports that significant numbers of Article 22.3 jobs have been created in the last year as required by the contract.

National Grievance Campaign

Members are calling on our International Union to conduct a nationwide audit and take national grievance action.

Through the
Make UPS Deliver network, members are filing grievances to make UPS and our International Union deliver all 20,000 full-time combo jobs we are owed under the contract.

Will you participate by filing a grievance or collecting signatures on a group grievance? Across the country, members are filing similar grievances demanding that UPS:

* Create and fill all 20,000 full-time Article 22.3 jobs nationally.

* Post and fill all vacant Article 22.3 jobs.
UPS has no right to lay off any Article 22.3 workers or keep any 22.3 jobs vacant as long as they are not maintaining 20,000 combo jobs nationally.

* Pay full backpay to members who were unfairly denied the opportunity to go full-time
because UPS did not create and maintain the 20,000 full-time jobs they owe us. Part-Time America Won't Work, but union action can. Let's work together to win and protect full-time jobs.

Click here to download an informational leaflet.

Click here to download sample grievance language.

Click here to tell us what is happening with Article 22.3 jobs in your local.
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