Members Respond to Local Officers’ Call for New IBT Leadership

June 6, 2005: In May, concerned Teamster officers announced that we were forming the New Leadership Committee, to put together the program and leadership team that can defeat Hoffa in next year’s IBT election.

Since then, messages have poured in from Teamster members who want to be part of the effort to beat Hoffa in 2006 and rebuild Teamster Power.

We want to hear from you with your concerns about our union’s future and your ideas about how we can work together to dump Hoffa in 2006.

Get in touch with the New Leadership Committee by dropping us a line at P.O. Box 3392, Bayonne NJ 07002 or email us
at: newleadership2006 [at]

Here’s a sample from this month’s New Leadership Committee mailbag. . .

“It is getting closer and closer to start something, and if you are going to be honest about the bottom line, it will be MONEY. I was a big part of the Ron Carey effort and even worked for him and still feel that he got screwed by the government.

“Money is always the little man’s problem, as we do not have a job making two and three salaries as a lot of the others do.

“It will take at least a million in my opinion to pull off an upset. Thanks.”
Concerned Southern Region Teamster

“I wish to be involved in getting rid of Hoffa!!! I am a shop steward in Local 170. Thank you.”
Wanting Change in Worcester Local 170

“Please let me know what I can do to help. We are in the process of forming a Delegate slate in my local for the purpose of opposing Hoffa at next year’s Teamster Convention.”
Local 804 Teamster

“Mr. Hoffa has never had the members’ best interests in mind, only his own. He likes to create smoke screens and talk tough but we all know that money talks and bullsh__ walks. Hoffa is going to run this union into the ground if he is not stopped. I am a UPS employee and we members hate Mr. Hoffa with a burning passion. UPSers whom I talk to want Hoffa out! Best ever contract, my a__! Not best for the members! But UPS management sure is happy.

“I agree 100 percent that a grassroots army of good hard working Teamsters that care about what it means to be a Teamster can and will take down Hoffa.”
Metro Philly Area Feeder Driver

The way I see it, the Hoffa administration is a threat to my livelihood and to my pension. Putting my money toward electing strong Teamster leadership is an investment in my future.

That’s why I’ve donated $100 to the New Leadership Committee. I’m asking you to do the same.

Our goal is to have 500 Teamsters make that $100 donation. That would give us $50,000 in seed money to jumpstart our campaign to dump Hoffa.

How much is a stronger Teamsters union worth to you? $100 is nothing compared to what we will lose if we don’t act now. Donate to the New Leadership Committee today.

Allen Bunch
Local 549, Yellow-Roadway
Blountville, Tenn.
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