Public Sector Teamsters Organize for a Stronger Local

January 26, 2007: The “Fighting for the Future” slate is getting organized to make positive changes for all 4,300 Local 726 members in metro Chicago.

Local 726 members work for the City of Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority the State of Illinois, Illinois Toll way, Police Departments, Fire Departments and other public sector work places around the state. The contract at City of Chicago expires July 1, 2007.

Fighting for the Future
“We’ve been reaching out to members over the past year, gathering information on the state of Local 726. We’ve heard the complaints and the concerns. We’ve set up a web site ( filled with news about our local.

Now it’s time to make some changes,” said Vince Tenuto, candidate for Secretary-Treasurer, a City of Chicago driver and TDU member.
Joe Vercillo, a driver at O’Hare International Airport stated, “Now is our members’ time to fight for their future. It’s all about our contracts. Those affect each and every member of Local 726. That is why we picked the name Fighting for the Future.” Vercillo is a 25-year Teamster, a proud TDU member and candidate for President.

“We want Local 726 members to understand that an informed and involved membership is our best bet for making the union strong,” said Vercillo. “Working Teamsters know the day-to-day issues that need to be in the contracts and they need a say at the bargaining table. We have a great movement going and we can win in the upcoming election this December.”

Bylaws Reform
Local 726 members from the Fighting for the Future slate introduced bylaws changes at the January general membership meeting, calling for the proper scheduling of contract proposal meetings and membership elections for the negotiating teams. They also put forward bylaws amendments on changing the monthly meeting day and time so more members can attend, and language for reporting member eligibility. All Local 726 members will have the opportunity to vote on these changes at the March general membership meeting. The Fighting for the Future slate asks for members’ support at the upcoming general membership meeting.

Duke Clark, a 14-year, third-generation Teamster, TDU member and candidate for Vice President, summed it up: “Our goal is informing the membership and making Local 726 a union we can all be proud of. The time is now for every Teamster member to step up. Real change takes real commitment. We ask you to join us and help make our local stronger and more democratic.”

If you would like to help your fellow Teamster brothers and sisters pick up the fight you can log on to

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