TDU in 2012

In 2012, TDU launched new campaigns to win stronger contracts, hold the line against  concessions, take on corporate greed and rebuild Teamster power.

Now we’re gearing up for more in 2013!
Making UPS Deliver a Fair Contract
TDU launched a national petition drive to demand higher wages, stiffer penalties for sups working, and more full-time job opportunities for the 150,000 part-time UPSers who’ve been forgotten by Hoffa.
Thanks to TDU organizing, UPS members pushed the Union to put forward good proposals on harassment, excessive overtime, and technology. We need to keep organizing in order to win the needed improvements and to protect the wages and benefits that will be discussed in coming months.
Bringing Back Real Unionism
More than 2,500 Local 251 Teamsters work at Rhode Island Hospital, home to TDU’s fastest-growing organizing committee.
“Our union officials work hand-in-glove with management,” says Paul Santos, a TDU member in Local 251. “Through TDU, we’re showing what real unionism looks like. We’re taking back our union—and it feels great.”
Stopping the Corporate Attack on Unions
From Wisconsin to Ohio to Michigan, TDU members have been in the streets and state capitols fighting Right to Work (for Less) and other corporate attacks on workers’ rights.
“When labor mobilizes, we can win,” said Nick Perry, a member of the TDU Steering Committee and activist in the successful campaign to repeal the anti-union SB5 Bill in Ohio. “But the corporations and their politicians are coming after us every day. We’ve got to keep organizing.”
Reforming Local Unions
Tim Sylvester and the 804 Members United Slate just swept a hotly contested three-way race.
In their first term, 804 Members United restored their health fund after former officials left it nearly bankrupt. Now the reform team is mobilizing members to win a stronger contract, including the first pension increases in 14 years.
Protecting Pensions—“No Freight Concessions!”
Freight Teamsters are organizing to defeat drastic wage and benefit cuts demanded by the companies, and to start rebuilding union power in trucking. “Since the company whined about being in the red we’ve seen a raise for the CEO and the purchase of other companies,” says ABF Teamster Michelle Glessner from Dayton, Ohio “They’ve got money to spend. It’s time to negotiate our fair share.”
Times are tough, but so are TDU members.
We’re looking to the New Year to build a stronger Teamsters Union and better future for all of us.
If you’d like to do your part, click here to make an easy, secure online donation today.
Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to you and your family from TDU.
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