The Teamster Election Timeline and You

February 6, 2015: Teamster members will vote for International Union officers in 2016.  But the election process starts now.
Find out the election timeline and how TDU helps Teamster members  organize to win.
Election Rules and the Election Supervisor  Early 2015
The International Union election is run by an  independent Election Officer under fair rules— a big difference from local union elections.
The Election Supervisor is Richard Mark, who served as Election Supervisor in 2006 and 2011. He will be hiring staff and issuing the Election Rules by May 2015. 
TDU will educate members about their election  rights—from campaigning to petitioning to  running for delegate to voting.
TDU will organize workshops and trainings  so members have the tools they need to be  effective campaigners. And our legal team will  be there to help with election protests and back  members’ rights to vote and campaign for  change.
Petition Drive to Accredit Candidates  June 2015-August 2015
The first big test of the campaign is the  Accreditation Petition Drive.  To be officially accredited, the slate of candidates  for International Union office needs to  collect at least 50,000 petition signatures from  Teamsters across North America—with proportional  numbers needed in various regions.
Accredited candidates get the right to publish  campaign ads in the Teamster magazine and  they get a copy of the entire Teamster membership  list so they can reach out directly to  members.
The candidates can’t collect these signatures  on their own: it’s too big a job. TDU’s network  of rank-and-file volunteers will collect  signatures from coast to coast. You can be a part  of it.
TDU will be backing a broad coalition of  candidates who have the platform, the experience  and the guts needed to lead.
Getting Candidates on the Ballot  January-June 2016
Candidates, even accredited candidates, don’t  have an automatic spot on the ballot. 
To get on the ballot, candidates must be nominated  at the Teamster Convention in June 2016  by at least five percent of the convention delegate  in each region.
That means we need to elect hundreds of convention  delegates who will nominate coalition  candidates.
Convention delegate elections will be held in  all local unions—with most elections being held  between January and April 2016. These elections  are overseen by the Election Supervisor.
In the last election, many local unions whose  members voted against Hoffa in the election  were represented at the convention by officers  who nominated Hoffa and Hall and tried to keep  all opposition candidates off the ballot. We can’t  let that happen again.
TDU will organize workshops and trainings  for Teamsters who are interested in fielding a  slate for convention delegate. We’ll explain the  rules and how to organize a winning campaign.
Running for convention delegate is much  easier than running for local union office.  You’re serving a five-day term, not a three-year  term. And it’s much easier to win.  Reform slates win about half the time they  run in convention delegate races.
Campaigning and Voting
Being fed up with Hoffa and Hall won’t get  them out of office. Teamsters who want change  will need to build grassroots campaign committees  and get the word out to Teamster members  to vote for change.
Ballots will be mailed to all Teamster members in October 2016 and they will be counted  in November.
It will take about 200,000 votes to win the  International Union election. That’s an achievable  goal but only if we’re organized.
Team up for Change with TDU
Do you want to vote out Hoffa and Hall and  elect International Union leaders who will fight  for the members? Then team up with Teamsters  for a Democratic Union.
TDU will be backing a coalition of Teamster  candidates in the 2016 election. We need you to  be part of our national network of Teamster  members who will be campaigning for change.
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