UPS Freight Teamsters: Losing Patience, Getting Organized

February 8, 2012: UPS Freight Teamsters know they deserve a better contract.

Now they’re coming together to address subcontracting, work guarantees, and wages and organize to win a stronger contract in 2013.

UPS Freight Teamsters got more bad news in January. The arbitration to resolve an important subcontracting grievance won’t convene again until April 25.

That’s three years since the grievance was first filed in Dallas Local 745—three years of Teamster road jobs subcontracted away to nonunion carriers!

Make UPS Freight Deliver

Now concerned members are not just frustrated, they’re getting organized. They know there’s much work to be done to achieve a range of improvements before they’re ready to ratify an agreement in 2013.

UPS Freight can afford to deliver a better contract for working Teamsters.

The company made good profits for the first half of 2011 and told analysts they expected even better numbers going forward.

Contract bargaining will occur simultaneously with those for UPS Package which has also reported big profits in 2011. The Teamster bargaining teams are in a great position to deliver improvements in wages, benefits, job security and working conditions.

TDU is working with stewards and committed members to launch a grassroots campaign to win a solid contract at UPS Freight. Members have been meeting by conference calls and get-togethers to discuss contract issues and prepare proposals.

At a recent call, members discussed: company and board seniority rights; vacation language; addressing the excess of black out weeks; and rising co-pay costs on medical coverage.

Earlier discussions have addressed subcontracting, job classification work guarantees, recall language, 10 percent language, sick days, wages and other issues.

“These TDU conference calls have been a great place to talk with other UPS Freight Teamsters from around the country. We’re all facing the same issues and it puts us in a stronger position as a union to have concerned members talking about what needs doing,” commented Wilt Warren a city driver out of Portland Local 81.

“We need to reach out to other UPS Freight Teamsters and get them to help us organize a contract campaign.”

What do you think?

The UPS Freight contract expires in March 2013. UPS Freight Teamsters are building a network of members to have a voice in bargaining—and we want to hear from you.

What are the improvements you’d like to see in the next UPS Freight agreement? Let us know what you think.

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