Renew Your TDU Membership

TDU has launched a Membership Drive and Membership Renewal Campaign to raise funds for TDU's work to win new leadership and a new direction in our union.

petition_signer2_thumb.pngJoin TDU, or renew or extend your existing membership, and help us build the campaign war-chest we need to mobilize members in the Teamster election. 

Even if your membership is not near expiring, please consider renewing your membership today to support this campaign. We'll simply extend it from your current expiration date.

Only active, dues-paying Teamsters can contribute to the TDU Election Fund and participate in this fundraising drive. Are you ready to do your part? We appreciate your support!

Regular dues are $50 a year, or $100 for a 3-year membership. Teamsters employed part-time or on comp can sign up for $25 a year.

1 Year Renewal

Renew Your Membership

3 Year Renewal

Renew Your Membership

Part-Time, Retiree and Spouse 1 Year Renewal

$25 for Teamsters who gross less than $35,000 a year. $30 for spouses, and retirees.

Renew Your Membership

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Recent News

Team Canada IBT Slate is Accredited

The two IBT vice presidents from Canada and the president of Teamsters Canada have petitioned among Canadian Teamsters to accredit the Team Canada Slate in the IBT Election.  Yesterday the Election Supervisor reported that they submitted 8,156 petition signatures, far more than the needed number of 2,807 in Canada.

Fighting for Our Future at the TDU Convention

Hundreds of Teamsters made organizing plans, set our movement’s direction, and elected our TDU leadership for the coming year at the first (and hopefully last!) online TDU Convention.

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