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Help UPS Teamsters Protect Ourselves and the Public From COVID-19

While millions of Americans are quarantined in their homes, UPS workers are on the job and in the public every day making sure hospitals and the homebound are getting critical supplies.

UPSTU_thumb.jpgWe’re proud to be serving our communities and we know the country is depending on us. But if we are going to be a part of the solution to this crisis we need to be protected. As essential workers we are at much higher risk of contracting the Coronavirus and UPS failing to protect us is a failure to protect the public.

UPS makes billions in profits. They can track a package anywhere around the globe, but they won’t track down the sanitizer, masks and gloves that UPS workers need to keep ourselves and our families safe. Many of us use company bathrooms that don’t even have soap or hand sanitizer. This has to stop!

UPS workers are organizing to protect ourselves from COVID-19 and we need your help!

UPS Teamsters United is an independent grassroots network of UPS workers. We don’t get a penny of funding from UPS or the union.

We’re raising donations to fund grassroots campaigns to make UPS management:

  • provide PPE like sanitizer, gloves and masks that will save the lives of workers and the public

  • tell employees if we’ve been exposed to COVID-19 in our workplace

  • maintain our healthcare benefits if we are laid off because of the economic crisis

Our grassroots movement growing. We’re informing and uniting tens of thousands of UPS workers, getting our stories into the media, and getting results. We’ve already forced the company to provide paid leave to workers who get COVID-19. But there’s so much more to do. Your donation today can help save lives and protect workers and our communities.

All donations will be managed by TRF, a nonprofit 501c3, and the fiscal sponsor of Teamsters for a Democratic Union and the UPS Teamsters United campaign.