Make UPS Deliver on the Dream: MLK Day of Action

Teamsters at UPS are commemorating Martin Luther King Day with a National Day of Action to demand that UPS respect the day as a paid holiday and tell Corporate America to deliver on the dream.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called for racial equality, workers’ rights, and good jobs for all. 

The Teamsters Union is uniting members at UPS around that vision this MLK Day with a national day of action.

Contact your local union and about participating. Click here to use the International Union’s Make UPS Deliver on the Dream Toolkit, including leaflets, rally signs, and social media graphics. 

We’re fighting to make MLK Day a paid holiday, and to win a contract in 2023 that delivers 

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work. End two-tier 22.4. Convert all 22.4s to RPCDs with the same pay and 9.5 rights. 
  • Create 25,000 new full-time 22.3 jobs. Part-timers need more opportunities for full-time jobs.
  • Living Wages for Part-Timers. $30/hour starting pay for part-timers. Catch-up increases for current part-timers
  • End MRA pay discrimination. You raise our pay, you keep it raised.
  • Create and protect good  jobs. Eliminate feeder subcontracting. Stop PVDs and app-based deliveries by low-wage subcontractors like Roadie. 
  • Stop harassment and unfair discipline. Fix the grievance procedure. Dignity, respect and fairness for every Teamster. 
  • Respect Martin Luther King Day as a paid holiday with no Teamster required to work on it. If the post office can respect MLK Day, so can UPS.

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UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots network of Teamster members. We are independent of the IBT and its affiliates. We are Teamsters helping Teamsters win the contract we deserve.

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