UPS Contract Update

It was “Game On” as UPS contract negotiations moved to D.C. this week. The Teamsters drew a line in the sand against concessions and management stonewalling at the bargaining table. In the meantime, UPSers turned up in the heat in Contract Action Team trainings and parking lot actions. Get a round-up of the latest here and find out how you can get involved.

At the Bargaining Table 

The IBT refused to start national contract talks until the company negotiates the supplements where management negotiators have been dragging their feet.  

At the bargaining table

UPS is making record profits of more than $13 billion. But they have come to the bargaining table demanding a “cost-neutral” contract. That means that members are supposed to pay for any improvements we get with concessions that we give back. That’s not happening!

One outrageous example: management has demanded the right to schedule UPS Teamsters any five in seven days. 

Our union has given UPS a hard NO to concessions or a “cost-neutral” contract  and clearly defined our strike issues.

Teamster General President Sean O’Brien warned the company that national negotiations would not start until the supplements were addressed — and he kept his word. 

National contract negotiations were supposed to start on April 17. 

Instead, O’Brien forced UPS to meet with the supplemental negotiating committees where members are demanding improvements on vacation, sick days, unfair discipline, the grievance procedure, breaks for part-timers, MLK Day and Juneteenth as paid holidays, and other issues. 

Supplemental negotiations will continue next week. 

Local 92 members in Canton, OH

UPS Teamsters Take Contract Action

While our contract negotiators are standing up to UPS, Teamster members are standing up for our contract demands. 

The International Union is calling on UPS Teamsters and local unions to hold contract actions to show UPS we’re united–and members are answering the call. 

It all started on April 2, when hundreds of Teamsters joined Sean O’Brien and Fred Zuckerman for a contract rally in Boston.

Now, UPS Teamsters are holding rallies, parking lot meetings, and passing out contract bulletins. 

You can be a part of it. Check out the Contract Action Toolkit and contact TDU for help getting your parking lot meeting or contract activity set up. 

Contract Action Team Trainings

The International Union is also holding Contract Action Team trainings in 25 cities over the next six weeks to prepare members to organize for a strong contract at UPS.

Trainings are open to all members. Register for a training near you here.

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