VIDEO: Organizing at Amazon

Watch the video of our Zoom event on organizing at Amazon, featuring Angelica Maldonado, an Amazon worker and organizer from the winning organizing drive at Amazon in Staten Island. 

TDU’s latest online workshop also featured Teamster volunteer organizers and Shaun Martinez, a Campaign Coordinator with the International Union Amazon organizing program.

Topics included: 

A presentation on the Amazon threat from Local 804 shop steward and volunteer organizer Elliot Lewis

How working Teamsters can support organizing at Amazon with Corey Levesque, a Local 251 shop steward and volunteer organizer, and Shaun Martinez, an IBT Campaign Coordinator. 

Connecting the UPS contract campaign with organizing at Amazon with Antonio Rosario, a Local 804 shop steward and volunteer organizer. 

Donate to support the Amazon Labor Union as they continue the fight at Amazon.

Get involved with Amazon organizing and the UPS Teamsters United contract campaign. 

If you’re inspired by TDU members featured in the video like Carthy Boston, Elliot Lewis, Antonio Rosario, and Corey Levesque, join TDU today.

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