What It Means to Vote No

The company’s first offer falls short of what can be won at the bargaining table. If a majority of ABF Teamsters Vote No, it will send our union negotiators back to the table with a mandate to get a better offer. Talk with your fellow Teamsters and download Vote No bulletins here to spread the word. 


ABF Teamsters have sacrificed. We took concessions. We worked hard and smart—and we want some of our sacrifice back.  Voting No will be a way to get it. 

A contract rejection will send our Teamster negotiators back to the table backed by a message from the membership that that the company’s first offer needs to be improved.     

The proposed deal gets back our lost vacation week, and that’s a good start. But on other issues, including wages, it falls short. 


A 1.2% raise and a bonus are peanuts compared to the wage cut of $1.70 we took five year ago.  We may not get all that back, but we can get more than this offer.

Our raises should at least keep up with inflation, which will not happen under this deal. Our standard of living will continue to fall if this contract goes through.


We are also concerned about the pension freeze, which leaves some ABF Teamsters in danger of getting kicked out of their pension fund. 

IBT Freight Director Ernie Soehl said on his conference call to sell the deal that “only” 10% of members are in danger of losing their pension, and if that happens they will be given a 401(k). 

Our leadership should be defending Teamster pensions, not throwing members under the bus.

Send them Back for a Better Offer

A NO vote does not mean a strike. It means we want our negotiators to listen and come back with a better second offer.

Ernie Soehl said on the conference call that the company upped its offer during the last bargaining session. He should have keep that pressure on, to get a fair contract, instead of settling too soon.

The Hoffa administration has a record of settling short and making Teamster members send back the first offer for improvement.  Carhaulers sent two offers back, and they got a much-improved contract as a result.

ABF has the best work force in the industry.   We’re not greedy.  We’re Teamsters. We can win a better contract if we stick together.

We urge you to review the contract, discuss it with your fellow Teamsters—and to cast your vote.

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