Hoffa's Million Dollar Corruption Cover-Up

How much did the Hoffa administration spend in members’ dues to obstruct corruption investigations? A Teamster financial report obtained by TDU tells the tale. 


While the final price tag isn’t known yet, the LM-2 report filed by the IBT with the Department of Labor reveals the initial expenditures—and they are staggering.

Hoffa-Hall paid $715,499 to Bancroft Associates, PLLC, for the services of Viet Dinh, the high-priced litigator who was hired to stonewall corrupt investigators until after the International Union election.

Dinh left the firm in August, but continued his dirty work for Hoffa-Hall.

In November, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara went to court to demand that Hoffa-Hall turn over suppressed records and to reaffirm that the IBT does not have the right to withhold evidence from corruption investigations.

The IBT paid Dinh to go to court to fight the U.S. attorney’s motion.

The LM-2 does not reveal the full cost of the court proceedings, but we know the result. 

Federal Judge Loretta Preska dismissed Dinh’s arguments and ordered the IBT to hand over the suppressed evidence to corruption investigators.

The $715,499 in members’ dues went down the drain—with more bills to come. Members got absolutely nothing for their money, but Hoffa-Hall got plenty.

Thanks to Dinh, the IBT was able to obstruct corruption investigators until after the International Union election was over. 

The judge’s order for the IBT to turn over the suppressed evidence didn’t come until December 27, six weeks after the vote court.  For Hoffa-Hall, it was mission accomplished.

Viet Dinh’s legal bills, and there are many more to come, were a campaign expense, not a union expense. Teamster members are paying the price—in more ways than one.

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  • commented 2017-05-20 14:54:10 -0400
    $$ LAWYERS n LOVE $$

    Sooo…what is different about the current misappropriation of the members
    HARD EARNED $$$ to facilitate a incumbents campaign ..,and the Ron Carey campaign $$
    that had the SAME U.S. Attorney’s (IRB) undies doubled knotted?
    The Ron Carey prosecution was swift and final!
    The Carey incumbents were labeled " corrupt top down" , by the same Attorney.
    Why the differential attention to prosecution, and the glaring DOUBLE STANDARDS ? Could it
    be as simple as political party affiliation and career accomplishments? (or lack of)
    Hoffa’s term in office has been loaded with these criminal abuses of officers from his
    Slate ,far exceeding anything that Ron Carey was charged or accused of !!
    This fortune in MEMBERS illegal $$ spent on Attorney’s fees, needs to be pursued with the
    SAME degree of DUE DILIGENCE that was directed in the Carey adjudication.
    Not the current POLITICIZED PARTISAN stalled and generous disbursements of the
    What have the accused Hoffa officers accomplished to EARN these already generous Salaries?
  • commented 2017-03-31 22:07:41 -0400
    💰💰L A W Y E R S n L O V E💰💰 G A S P 🇺🇸
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