Hoffa's Sales Pitch for Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers

Hoffa’s Package Division Director Denis Taylor has issued a memorandum to sell Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers to skeptical members.

Taylor still refuses to release the proposed Article 22.4 language, even to local unions. But his memo cherry-picks from the language to craft a sales pitch aimed mostly at Package Car Drivers.


Sign the Petition Against Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers.

Read Denis Taylor’s sales pitch on Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers.

The Hoffa-Taylor Sales Pitch

Taylor’s first sales pitch is that current Package Car drivers will work a Monday to Friday schedule. The proposed deal would give the company 18 to 24 months after contract ratification to transition drivers who are currently on a Tuesday-Saturday schedule to Monday-Friday.

The second pitch is that the current number of Package Car Drivers jobs per building would be protected from replacement by Hybrid Drivers. If a Package Car Driver position goes vacant, it would have to be filled with a new Package Car Driver, not a Hybrid Driver. The number of 22.4 Hybrid Drivers is capped at 25% of the total Package Driver jobs in the building.  

The third piece of the sales pitch is that the Hybrid Drivers will reduce excessive overtime by increasing staffing levels during the week.

The last piece of the sales pitch is that Hybrid Drivers will protect our Health & Welfare and Pension Funds by increasing the number of full-time participants.

The Questions Taylor Can’t Answer

Taylor’s sales pitch falls flat and leaves many unanswered questions.

First, Taylor never explains why we would ever allow two-tier in package. Two-tier means lower pay for Teamsters performing the same ground work. It will inevitably lead to management pitting Package Drivers and lower-paid Hybrid Drivers against each other. Why would members vote for that?

Second, if the goal is to protect drivers from excessive overtime, why did Taylor cave in to the company on 9.5? Under Taylor’s deal with UPS, drivers will not automatically be opted-in to 9.5; there are no tougher penalties for 9.5 violations; you still have to grieve every 9.5 violation to get penalty pay; and management does not have to adjust your load to comply with 9.5. The company could have agreed to these proposals if they were serious about addressing unwanted excessive overtime. They didn’t.

Third, what protections have been negotiated to protect drivers who rely on reasonable overtime and can’t afford to lose it to 22.4 Hybrid Drivers? The company plans to divert overtime work to 22.4 Hybrid Drivers who will make $6 to $16 an hour less than top rate for delivering ground. What will stop management from taking away overtime from package drivers who want it? Taylor may have negotiated something, but it’s not in the memo.

Fourth, claiming we need to make givebacks to strengthen our Health & Welfare and Pension Funds is phony. UPS needs to hire more drivers to handle growing volume and deliver on Sundays. We don’t need givebacks and two-tier Hybrid Drivers; we just need more full-time Teamsters. UPS will make $6 billion in profits this year. The company can afford to pay package driver rate when Teamsters deliver ground packages.

Finally, Taylor’s sales pitch hides the screwing that part-timers will get under this deal. Under the current contract, part-timers  could go full-time as a 22.3 and not have to deliver ground—or they could go full-time driving and make it to top package rate after four years. Under the Two-Tier Hybrid Driver deal, part-timers get the worst of both worlds. They have to deliver ground, but they get paid a 22.3 rate. That’s a giveback, not a win.

End the Brownout

It’s been a week since Taylor reached a tentative deal with UPS.

Instead of issuing sales pitches, Hoffa and Tylor should release the proposed deal so that members can review the details and make an informed decision before they vote on the contract.

Sign the Petition Against Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers.

Read Denis Taylor’s sales pitch on Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers.

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  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-12-03 16:45:39 -0500
    How about ’ two tier’ officers,
    Those that represent the members Tier 1
    Those that lickspittle Hoffas shoes Tier 2
  • Demetrick Toney
    commented 2018-08-18 19:14:37 -0400
    I also believe all fulltimers should be placed on a 9.5 list and if you want overtime you can opt off the list. Having a 9.5 list for all fulltimers should be a must along with a couple more optional day which would give us more than 1 sick day a year.
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-08-18 16:38:02 -0400
    “Two-Tier” or ‘Multi-Tier’ ..is KRYPTONITE to existing labor agreements..
    Senior workers are shoved out of the workforce..new hires will never reach the levels of the workers they are replacing !!
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-08-18 16:38:02 -0400
    “Two-Tier” or ‘Multi-Tier’ ..is KRYPTONITE to existing labor agreements..
    Senior workers are shoved out of the workforce..new hires will never reach the levels of the workers they are replacing !!
  • Demetrick Toney
    commented 2018-08-12 16:02:14 -0400
    22.4 not a horrible idea on just this to keep up with weekend volume for those Hubs that have weeked delivery work. However the pay should be a premium for Saturday at time and a half. Also Sunday should be at double time for any 22.4 that work it in or out of the building. Along with Regular Package car pay for any and all hours work in or out of Hub.
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-08-12 13:55:01 -0400
    Secretive agreements… ,
    a direct violation of ’ to ensure a Culture of democracy can Evolve’
    Another colossal Failure of the Consent Order to achieve it’s legal Mandate.
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-07-22 13:40:43 -0400
    Is the unwinding of equitable, fair labor agreements !!
    It is a sinister CORPORATE tool to pit workers against each other !!
    Senior workers will soon find themselves losing premium hours
    & Shifts ,with drastically reduced benefits !!
    All to line the pockets of the Insatiable CEOS & Conspiring Board members !!
    After all some just can’t ’ Wing It’
    On $7000\hour !!
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-07-14 13:25:56 -0400
    Since Hoffa Careened into Tradeshow\Conventions [L631]..( having been ‘Gifted’ the IBT ..by right-wing fanatic lunatic Lawyers.
    Our tradeshow labor agreements have
    Added more ‘TIERS’ & layers than a Mafia Wedding Cake !!
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-07-10 14:28:55 -0400
    " The questions Taylor can’t ( won’t)
    Answer".., Why are you 🐀 Fornicating the members that pay
    YOUR excellent Salaries & Benefits?
    Are you COMPRISED ??
    Or insatiablly GREEDY !!
  • Bruce Swearingen
    commented 2018-07-01 13:22:01 -0400
    Concessions in a Blue Chip Corporation..during a healthy economy..,
    Who will hide behind EXPENSIVE legal maneuvers to hold on to IBT Positions.
    We have seen plenty of this under
    the ’ Most Famous Name’ in labor Racketeering !
    💵💰LAWYERS n LOVE💰💵
  • Scott Kendall
    commented 2018-06-30 21:10:57 -0400
    In my 30+ years I have never seen a worse contract than this one. Usually you negotiate concessions when your falling behind your competition not capitulate when the company is reporting record profits, record package volume, sold growth and a fat tax cut.
    What are these so-leaders of the union going to give back when the going gets really rough for UPS?
  • Mike Heath
    commented 2018-06-29 16:19:05 -0400
    Why does the IBT keep catering to the companies?
  • Demetrick Toney
    commented 2018-06-29 14:33:43 -0400
    The contract negotiations so far with the fincial is horrible $.83 per year average the company will make over $6 billion this year. Also if you look at the memo they are going to protect our health care but no where does say it gets better or what significant improvements made to our pension. The money not bad at $4.15 but should be better. Also no mention about reducing the progression by 1 or 2 years less. Also if you are a part-timer the proposed raise is a joke a current part-timer would gain money on the hour if you just started but if you been their for some years the raise is some change and people coming in tomorrow will the same as you. THAT MUST BE VOTED DOWN!
  • Eric Aberle
    commented 2018-06-29 05:28:29 -0400
    I’ve worked as a part time package handler for 20 years at UPS PHL airport and this is the worst contract yet. UPS got a huge tax break this year and profited over 5 billion last year. They’re offering $4.15 raise over the next 5 years. About .83 a year. That’s all we are worth to them. Vote NO on this lousy contract!

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