Members Set the Course for 2008

December 5, 2007: Whether or not you attended the TDU Convention, you can help build a stronger union this year and for the future.

In the coming year, TDU members will be working to expand our industry networks, recruit to TDU, and get Convoy out to more and more Teamsters. TDU members also elected a new International Steering Committee to guide TDU over the next year.

TDU members will continue to build industry networks to defend Teamster master contracts and standards. UPS activists met and decided to continue to build the Make UPS Deliver network to link together UPS activists from across the country and share strategies for enforcing the new UPS agreement.

Recruiting to TDU

Recruitment is a big priority for TDU members in 2008. “We need a bigger TDU,” said Walter Taylor from New York Local 814. “In my local we’re going to work hard to recruit more concerned members into TDU. If you’re not already a member, you should join. If you are a member, ask a friend to join.” Taylor is a newly elected member of TDU’s Steering Committee.

The convention discussed the attack on Teamster national contracts, and what members can do to preserve Teamster standards and benefits. Members in freight, rail, and other Teamster industries met to lay plans to defend and expand our master agreements. UPS Teamsters discussed how to continue to build the Make UPS Deliver network after the contract vote as a way to share ideas, connect active members, and enforce the contract.

Convoy Spreads the Word

Members are also working to expand the reach of Convoy. “The convention inspired me to get 100 copies of Convoy each month,” said Tyler Buckner, a Roadway driver in North Carolina Local 391.

“Knowledge is power, and Convoy has the truth. I’m going to use it to help educate members about the 2008 freight contract, and to let them know what we need to do to build a stronger union.” Call (313) 842-2600 to start a new Convoy bundle.

“The next Teamster general election is in 2011, and it’s time to get ready,” Frank Halstead told the convention. “We need new leadership at the top of our union. We’ve got to build a strong TDU to make that possible.” Halstead is a warehouse Teamster in Los Angeles Local 572, and a member of the new TDU ISC.

The location for the 2008 TDU Convention have not yet been chosen.

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