Costco Teamsters: Vote No!

Costco Teamsters were mailed ballots on May 20th to vote on a substandard contract offer. Teamster members and the National Negotiating Committee agree: members need to get informed, talk with other Teamsters, and Vote No on this slap in the face. 

The Teamster national Costco negotiating committee unanimously recommends a No vote

A No vote will send Costco management a strong message and give the negotiating committee more leverage at the bargaining table. 

Raises that Fall Behind Inflation

Management is offering wage increases that are lower than the rate of inflation. 

Management is proposing annual increases of 75¢-60¢-60¢ over three years. That amounts to  2.7%,2.1% and 2.1% for a clerk.  Inflation is currently running at 8% per year. If Costco Teamsters accept this offer, they will be moving backwards.

The bump of just 50¢ in the progression wages would leave many starting Teamsters in California below the minimum wage before the end of the contract. The pension offer is another insult.  

Costco made $5 billion in profit after taxes last year. That’s one billion more than the year before. While corporate profits are going up, management is proposing wage increases that would leave workers falling behind. 

Costco Teamsters have produced these surging profits. They deserve better than this insulting offer. 

Get Informed

Teamsters are uniting for change. Costco Teamsters and the National Negotiating Committee agree. It’s time to Vote No and reject management’s substandard offer.

Get informed.  Get involved. And vote no to send Costco the message that workers demand a fair contract. 

Ballots must be received by June 20, 2022 to be counted. 

Read the full Costco offer here: Costco National Offer

Costco members can attend Zoom calls with Mike Bergen, chair of the Teamsters Costco National Negotiating Committee, to learn more details on the offer and the Committee’s recommendation that members Vote No.

Tuesday, May 31st, 2PM-4PM Pacific/ 5PM-7PM Eastern

Wednesday, June 1st, 8AM-10AM Pacific/ 11AM-1PM Eastern

Thursday, June 2nd, 11AM-1PM Pacific/ 2PM-4PM Eastern

Join with this Zoom link:

        I'm Voting No

"I'm Voting No and I'm encouraging my co-workers to Vote No also. We need a strong vote to win a better offer."

Javier Sanchez, Local 542, San Diego




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