Iowa Teamsters Defeat Union-Busting Bill

TDU leaders and Teamster members in Local 90 threw their weight behind a statewide campaign to defeat a union-busting bill in Iowa–and won.

The campaign mobilized Teamster locals and Joint Councils across Iowa to defeat union-busting legislation. 

Local 90 mobilized members to rally at the state capitol. They have been working with stewards and active members to build union density at each shop in the local. 

“As workers, we need more rights, not less! That’s why I turned out for this fight,” said Nolan Muench, a Local 90 shop steward at UPS. 

“We’re constantly fighting Right to Work. A few weeks ago at my building, we did a union education breakfast in the parking lot where we handed out the new contracts and we got 30 new members signed up. From the shop floor to the state house, we’ll keep fighting anti-union laws,” Muench said.


The proposed bill would have required public employers to submit a list of their employees to the state upon the expiration of a collective bargaining agreement. If the employer chose not to provide the list, the union would have had to sue the employer in district court or be decertified. 

“Working people have crushed an absolutely disgusting bill that would have hurt public employees and unfairly targeted unions,” said Alano De La Rosa, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 90 in Des Moines. “Since 2017, Iowa lawmakers have set their sights on destroying public sector unions. This attack on Iowa public sector unions is now where it belongs–in the trash.”

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