TDU at Labor Notes 2024

TDU members joined over 4000 activists, organizers and troublemakers from across the labor movement at this year's Labor Notes conference in Chicago. 



TDU members and organizers led 15 workshops ranging from organizing for One Member, One Vote to building union density in "right-to-work" states. TDU members shared their insights with union members from a wide range of industries, and learned from their struggles, too. 

Teamsters Local 135 President Dustin Roach leads the workshop "I've Been Elected, Now What?"

TDU Organizer Ken Paff and TDU Steering Committee member Matt Mortensen in "One Member, One Vote."

TDU leaders Isaac Gobble and Darryl Pace in "Taking on Two-Tier."


Over 600 supporters from across the labor movement joined TDU and General President Sean O’Brien, Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, and UAW Region 9A Director Brandon Mancilla for our Friday night reception and fundraiser.

We packed the house — in fact, we had to get a bigger room! We shared our reception with our friends at UAWD, and together we celebrated the UAW's historic victory at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, TN. 

We raised over $25,000 to support the continued growth of our movement. Thank you! 


Teamsters Local 90 Secretary Treasurer and TDU activist Alano De La Rosa opened the closing session ahead of UAW President Shawn Fain. De La Rosa talked about using the momentum from winning local union office to build a bottom-up contract campaign and credible strike threat at Pepsi.

"We win more when we stick together," he said. "People who used to be totally unengaged are getting organized and building solidarity in the workplace." 

Fain brought the house down as he laid out the UAW's vision to organize the South and stand up to Corporate Powerand credited TDU as the inspiration for UAW insurgents. 


If you left the Labor Notes conference feeling just as energized as we did, register early for the TDU Convention from Nov. 1-3, 2024 to receive a discount on your registration. We'll see you there! 

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