COVID-19 Update: Teamsters on the Front Lines

Teamsters are stepping up to provide essential services for our neighbors and communities. And we’re uniting to protect our health and safety and win economic security in a time of crisis.


haney.jpgLayoff Protections

"Right now, we're 'essential' and risking our health and our families' health by coming to work for companies. But layoffs are coming and people like me will lose income and our healthcare. Workers need to be protected from the economic fallout, not to be treated like we're disposable." 

Ryan Haney, YRC, Dallas Local 745


kolstad.jpgWe Stood Up to Protect Our Pay--and Won!

“We got results by taking a stand. Public defense attorneys in Minnesota demanded action from Teamsters Local 320 so we would not lose pay as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these workers continue to show up in court and in jails to meet clients. We got an agreement that we will continue to get our paychecks if we lose work due to the pandemic. We will not have to use our accrued sick leave or vacation pay to cover any lost time. Now we don’t have to worry about going broke because of work lost on account of COVID-19.”

Bob Kolstad, Hennepin County Public Defense Attorney, Minnesota Local 320 

hawkins.jpgTaking Care of the Most Vulnerable

We're working overtime processing rice to keep up with the demand. Rice is a staple no matter what. But so many of my essential Teamster brothers and sisters won't have financial security coming out of this crisis. Things are going to get worse before they get better and we need to take care of each other, especially people at the bottom who will be hurt the most.”

Tony Hawkins, Riviana Foods, Memphis Local 667 

villareal.jpgOrganizing for Economic Security

“Me and thousands of my Teamster brothers and sisters are hopping into our garbage trucks and hauling trash to the landfill. Non-union garbage drivers will be doing the same thing. This is about more than paying the bills. Removing waste from the population prevents the spread of disease. I take pride in this humble profession. I genuinely feel camaraderie with the grocery, hardware, food service, utility, sanitation, police, fire, construction, hospital workers, and others who are essential at this time. We can't rely on the good will of politicians for economic security. We have to be organized.”

Tom Villarreal, Mission Trail, San Jose Local 350



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