Denis Taylor Doubles Down on Givebacks, Brownout

In a Friday morning massacre, Hoffa’s chief negotiator Denis Taylor threw off multiple members of the UPS National Negotiating Committee, including International Union Vice President Avral Thompson, for opposing givebacks.


Taylor is embarrassed that his deal-cutting is being exposed to the membership. His latest giveback would create a two-tier system in package of lower-paid “Hybrid Drivers” that deliver ground, work Sundays, and only get paid the 22.3 rate.

Taylor refuses to stand up to the company or to tell members the truth about contract negotiations, so he is lashing out at his own Negotiating Committee instead.

Today, Taylor removed Avral Thompson, John Bolton and Matt Taibi from the National Negotiating Committee. All three strongly opposed the giveback to create Hybrid Drivers.

Thompson and Bolton are officers at Louisville Local 89, one of the largest UPS locals in the country. Thompson is an International Union Vice President. Taibi is the principal officer of Rhode Island Local 251. 

“This is typical of how Hoffa and Taylor operate. They cut backroom deals, keep members in the dark and lash out at anyone who believes in standing up to the company,” Thompson said.

“UPS Teamsters are the ones who are going to have to work under this contract,” said Thompson. “They deserve a union that keeps them informed, keeps them united, takes on givebacks, and fights for a fair contract.”

"Taylor criticized us as 'adversarial appointments' to the Negotiating Committee. I always thought union leaders were supposed to be adversarial when management is attacking our contracts," said Matt Taibi. 

"I'm proud that I opposed Hybrid Drivers and other givebacks. If that gets me removed from the Committee so be it. It just gives me more time to take on UPS at the hub," Taibi said.

UPS Teamsters United will continue to keep members informed.

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