Download Every UPS Tentative Agreement So Far

For the first time ever, the Teamster leadership and National Negotiating Team are reporting to members the tentative agreements as they are reached during negotiations. The new tactic doesn’t just mean more information for members, it means more bargaining power.

The International Union released today a written summary of all tentative agreements reached with UPS so far. Read them here or on the UPS Teamster app. 

Teamster Transparency

Before contract negotiations even began, General President Sean O’Brien and the new Teamster leadership were transparent about the improvements we were fighting for. 

Our priority issues were listed on a Contract Unity Pledge. Throughout negotiations, the IBT has announced the tentative agreements as they’ve been reached on these priorities and every other issue.

Two times, General President Sean O’Brien has reviewed every tentative agreement to the members on a national webinar and then posted the recording online. 

How Transparency Builds Bargaining Power

Compare what our union is doing now to the information brownouts at UPS under Hoffa. 

Sean O’Brien and our new leadership have drawn a line in the sand against any concessions – and kept the focus on what we’re fighting for, not what the company wants to take away. 

They’ve told members about the tentative agreements as we've won them,  including big wins like eliminating two-tier 22.4, no forced sixth punch, air conditioning, Martin Luther King Day holiday, and more. 

The new approach puts the company on notice that we are still on the offense and not backing down. Members are looking ahead to to winning on full-time wages, part-time pay, catch-up increases, more full-time 22.3 jobs, healthcare and pension. 

Members see our leadership is mounting a fight and they are stepping up and getting involved in their union.  

Read the tentative agreements. But also read the writing on the wall. Transparency and rank-and-file involvement build our bargaining power and win better contracts. 


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