Hoffa Can't Kick the Corruption Habit

Cashing In While Central States Pensions Burned

Bill Lichtenwald’s close friendship with Hoffa has paid off—literally. Lichtenwald collected multiple union salaries, pensions as a local officer, the President of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters and a trustee of the Central States Pension Plan. Last September a 59-page IRB report exposed that the Ohio Conference exists for the purpose of paying extra salaries. Lichtenwald has resigned from the Central States Pension Fund under pressure from the US Department of Labor. To date, Hoffa has made no move to abolish the Ohio Conference....


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Sign a Thank You Note to the Pension Movement Activists Who Just Saved Our Pensions

The Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Relief Act was just signed into law. Sign a Thank You message to the activists who built the movement that saved the pensions of 400,000 Teamsters and 2.5 million workers. 

How Grassroots Organizing Saved Our Pensions

When TDU launched the pension movement in 2013, preventing pension cuts seemed almost impossible. But rank-and-file organizing by thousands of workers and retirees have made it a reality. This week, the Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Relief Act will be signed into law, a victory that will protect the pensions of 400,000 Teamsters and 2.5 million workers. How did this happen and what can we win from this rank-and-file victory?

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