Resources: Preparing for Hunting Season at UPS

With peak season over and volume down, it’s “hunting season” at UPS. Management is cracking down and looking for for any reason to put members in the street or start a chain of discipline. Here are resources to fight unfair discipline and inform and unite members.

Scroll to read and download our general Hunting Season Toolkit (tips for the office and a Disciplinary Hearing Report Form), Supervisors Working Toolkit, and OJS Toolkit.


Hunting Season Toolkit

— What to Do if You're Called into the Office

— Important Driver Methods

Disciplinary Hearing Report Form

— Link to Official UPS Methods


Supervisors Working Toolkit

— Supervisors Working Grievance Guide

— Stewards Guide to Supervisors Working

— Make UPS Pay for Supervisors Working Flyer

— Supervisors Working Grievance Tracker


OJS Toolkit

— OJS: Parking Lot Meeting Guide

— OJS: Shop Stewards Guide

— Tips: Protect Yourself on an OJS

Document your day, including your OJS rides, with the Package Car Driver Daily Log Book. Each log book includes tips on important methods, what to do when you're called into the office, OJS Tracking Sheets and more.

Additional Resources

WATCH: Getting the Goods to Win Your UPS Grievance


WATCH: From Contract Campaign to Contract Enforcement

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Resources: Getting Control of Production Standards

Get the information you need to understand production standards at your workplace, follow the methods, and stop unfair discipline.

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