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When I went to my first TDU Convention, I met so many knowledgeable people. Instead of in-fighting, everyone was focused on getting more people involved in the union. I joined that day. When I went back to work, I started talking with members at YRC about TDU

Marcus Bias, YRC
Local 705, Chicago


"TDU helped me understand what the union is about. Now I’m the shop steward. The members rely on me for help on the job and for information about our union. They want to be more involved, too. We’re going to hold a BBQ to bring members together to make plans and get organized.”

Veronica Norton, UPS Freight
Local 728, Atlanta


"Working Teamsters have had enough of officer corruption, contract concessions and sweetheart deals that go behind the backs of the membership. Join TDU to help us fight to remake a union we can all be proud of.”

Bob Kolstad, Hennepin County Public Defender
Local 320, Minneapolis


"TDU has been with us every step of the way in the fight to defend our pensions. And it didn't just start last year, they've been doing this work for decades. $25 a year for retired Teamsters and spouses is a small price to pay to have them in our corner. I encourage folks to join and help sustain the fight.”

Mark Dray, UPS,
Local 638, Minneapolis


"The TDU Convention was great! I learned how to talk with other co-workers about basic union rights. I listened to a lot of Teamsters who know the contract inside and out and met some great leaders from Teamsters United. Join TDU and make plans to get to the next Convention.”

Jaime Costilla, UPS
Local 705, Chicago


"When we looked for a way to help stop proposed cuts from Central States, we turned to TDU. We got the info and the insight we needed to help build the movement. TDU was there for us and we need to be there for them. Join today!”

Wayne & Jeni Ottney, Holland (retired)
Local 164, Jackson, MI (now Local 299 Detroit)

james_mcleod-thumb.JPG"I remember when members didn't have the Right to Vote for International Union officers and contracts could be approved with just 34% of the members voting yes. We organized and won the Right to Vote and majority rule on contract votes too. TDU is Teamsters fighting for a strong, democratic union. I'm proud to be TDU."

James McLeod, UPS
Local 71, Florence, S.C.

Whitlow_and_Wyatt.jpg"Our retirement security is on the line with the threats to our pension. TDU helps us reach out to other retired and active Teamsters to stand together. Join TDU and help us stand up for what we were promised."

Whitlow and Barb Wyatt, Consolidated Freightways Retired
Local 413, Columbus, Ohio

Stephen_Mohan.jpg“When I was having problems with my local, I looked online and found the TDU website. TDU sponsored a New York – New Jersey educational conference which was great too. That info, guidance and legal advice has been invaluable. I strongly encourage you to become a TDU member.”

Steve Mohan
Local 553 Rollin Dairy Driver

Joan_Elaine_Miller.jpg "I joined TDU after learning that my union officers were not representing my best interests, but theirs. After our last contract, I got involved, through social media, with Teamsters from across the country. They were TDU members. I just attended my first TDU convention -- the workshops were informative and empowering. The TDU is rank and file teamsters for Teamsters, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Joan-Elaine Miller, UPS
Local 623, Philadelphia

kurt-kronemberg.jpg"I joined TDU because it was the place to go to for information about what was happening with our contract. TDU also gave me the knowledge that there were other UPS Freight Teamsters out there that faced the same problems and wanted to do something to address them.

“I came to rely on TDU and that meant supporting the organization. It was an extra $40 bucks a year but it was well worth it. Otherwise, me and so many other Teamsters would be left in the dark and on the sidelines. That's no way to be a union. If you count on TDU for info, it's and to sign on and support our movement for change in the IBT."

Kurt Kronemberg, UPS Freight
Local 707, New York

david-gutierrez-i-am-tdu2.jpg"I was an observer for the ballot count thanks to TDU and the support of rank and file workers. We relied on TDU to keep us informed and involved throughout our vote NO fight. Although the Western Supplement and the Southwest Rider passed, our fight to build a more inclusive and strong union continues. TDU can hep us make that happen."

David Gutiérrez, UPS
Local 542, San Diego


juancarlos-thumb.jpg"When we started to organize to enforce our contract, we faced threats and retaliation from our company and Local 854 officials. The company illegally fired me. With TDU, we took legal action and won, and the company was forced to pay me $140,000 in backpay and benefits. Now our union officials are trying to merge our union behind our backs. We're organizing with TDU to demand our right to vote and to keep organizing for change."

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Consolidated Bus Transit, Retired
Local 854, New York

youngermann2-thumb.jpg"UPS tried to fire me for refusing to drive unsafe equipment. I won my job back with full backpay and a $150,000 whistleblower award against UPS—the biggest ever in the trucking industry. I knew how to enforce my rights because of TDU. TDU is Teamsters standing up to management and enforcing our rights. I am proud to be TDU."

John Youngermann, UPS
Local 688, St. Louis

tim-pagel-sm.jpg"Joining TDU won't miraculously turn things around overnight. But your $40 a year will help TDU help Teamster members organize to defend our contracts and pensions. Rebuilding Teamster power has to start somewhere. Joining TDU is the first step."

Tim Pagel, YRC, Retired
Local 988, Houston

"I initiated into Teamsters Union Local 128 that later merged into Pittsburgh Local 249. I was a Roadway freight driver and moved to Harrisburg Local 776 with a change of operations. Later, another change took me to Youngstown Local 377. That terminal closed and had another change to Miami Local 769. Why all the moves? I needed to remain in a Teamster pension plan. The promise was $3,000/month after 30 hard years.

"I will fight along with my union and TDU to preserve those benefits I earned. Congress better hear us loud and clear. Don't cut our pensions!"

Mike Schaffer, Retired
Local 769, Miami

rhonda-thumb.jpg"We voted the UPS contract down in the Central Region by working together. We made Vote No t-shirts and passed out information at our buildings. Members got informed and involved.

"Now we've got to keep moving ahead. TDU is the only group that brings UPS Teamsters together across the country. That's why I'm TDU. Isn't it time you joined too?"

Rhonda Hanshaw, UPS
Local 413, Columbus, Ohio

greg-myers2-thumb.jpg"TDU was there for Teamster members when it came time to assess our contract. We all could see the problems but TDU provided the communication and the national network to help push a No vote. I joined TDU because I appreciated all they did to help Teamsters at UPS Freight."

Greg Myers, UPS Freight
Local 957, Dayton, Ohio

nathan_daniels.jpg"If it wasn't for TDU, we wouldn't have known the facts about the contract. Without TDU, we'd just be going along with the program and getting taken for a ride. Instead we're organizing members to defend our healthcare and fight for what we deserve from this company. We're proud to be building TDU at UPS in Philadelphia and across the country."

Nathan "Jumbo" Daniels, UPS
Local 623, Philadelphia

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