Enforcing the UPS Freight Contract

February 26, 2010: As the January Teamster Voice reported, subcontracting is a big issue at UPS Freight. But it’s not the only issue.

Members from around the country reported in on a range of problems in response to our initial survey on subcontracting.

Kansas City

Subcontracting remains a big concern and there are other issues, but members report a small victory. A grievance was won on the right to request single vacation days. Teamsters must give the company at least seven days prior notice of the request but there is no longer a “window” for making the request in writing no more than a week in advance.

Springfield, Mass.

Vacation time is an issue. Management limits the city board to one vacation bid per week with a second at their discretion. This year, over half the board didn’t get any summer vacation bids. A grievance was filed and found for the company. UPS Freight offers the same overall number of weeks per year—just not when Teamster members most need them. The contract needs language stipulating a percentage of the board per week may be off for vacation. Even though it’s in both the national UPS and master freight contracts, it didn’t make it into the UPS Freight language.


The road board has been halved over the past year. The only guaranteed runs are to South Holland (Chicago) and that’s only a 216-mile turn. Drivers get time on the dock but have seen their pay significantly reduced from years past.


Still no work rules—just like every other terminal we’ve heard from. Recently, a Local 135 representative told a meeting of UPS Freight Teamsters that they wouldn’t want what the company is proposing, but he wouldn’t show them anything either. He had no answer for where things stood and why work rules weren’t being bargained. The contract calls for work rules within 60 days of ratification.

San Leandro, Calif.

Members report operations have changed significantly over the past couple of years. They recall a number of sleeper team runs to Harrisburg, Penn. and other Eastern points that no longer exist. Some of that work is now on loads for “meet-up” runs with Harrisburg drivers in Nebraska. But they know if there’s more freight coming out of the east heading into Northern California. And they know they’ve lost work to the rail (multiple trailers per day) and seen lay-offs and reduced earnings for those working.

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