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An Open Letter to Ken Hall

The recent UPS proposal is shortsighted. Any effort on UPS’s part to withdraw from Central States Pension Fund would devastate Teamster pension funds across the country.

A withdrawal by UPS could be the end of the Teamsters Union as we know it. Pension funds are the glue that holds Teamster members together in solidarity.

Don’t let UPS trick you. UPS thinks in the long term—there’s a “25 year plan” to everything they do. Each word has been carefully chosen in recent contracts.

Don’t forget the 1982 UPS contract where part-time wages were cut by 50 percent to $8.00 per hour. Today, starting wages are $8.50 per hour, which amounts to 50 cents in 25 years, or 2 cents per year. We’re still paying for that today.

Local 705
Chicago, Ill.

Editor’s note: In our last issue of Convoy, we asked if Teamster members should be charged for associating with officials who have been expelled for corruption. Here is one response.

Watch Out for Fleas

There is an old saying, “When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” The issue is, should Teamster officers and business agents be held to a higher standard? Of course they should.

Almost every instance of a banned Teamster that I have read about involves the stealing of members’ dues money. Why would any officer or agent want to associate socially or otherwise with a known thief?

The issue should be, why are our leaders upset when they can’t talk to a convicted thief? I hope that the IBT and the locals fight as hard for the next freight and UPS contracts as they do for the right to associate with known criminals.

David Manolis
Local 391, UPS
Lumberton, NC

Solidarity with Carhaulers

Carhaul Teamsters are not getting a fair deal. We are paying to work at Allied.

The Teamsters are the reason that there is an Allied. I can’t believe or understand why we have to pay to work there.

What has happened to “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”? We need to start fighting for the future of carhaul Teamsters together.

David Spiegel
Local 79, Allied
Tampa, Fla.

Best Contract Ever: Hoffa Is a Wimp

Here’s how we can get even with Hoffa for the “Best Contract Ever”: next time around, IBT members must vote Hoffa out of office!

He is a wimp when it comes to UPS negotiations, a virtual suck up to carrier demands, and never had the guts to stand up for what’s best for the union the way his daddy did!

IBT members desperately need to realize this. Hoffa Junior will keep giving in to corporate demands, rather than benefits and wages for union members.

Dennis L. Anderson
Local 413, Retired
Columbus, Ohio

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