October 1: They'll Be Done

September 28, 2007: Our National Negotiating Committee has promised a tentative agreement on a new UPS contract by Oct 1. If they do that, the fate of the tentative agreement will be in members' hands.

Our right to vote on the tentative agreement gives us the power to stop Hoffa from settling short again. We can send them back to the bargaining table if the deal falls short.

The National Negotiating Committee has vowed they will cut off negotiations if an agreement is not reached on Monday, saying "October 1 or We're Done."

With no contract campaign or membership mobilization, Hoffa and Hall have bet all of their chips on reaching an early deal with the company.

After a tentative agreement is reached, the International Union will call a meeting of the "Two-Person Committee" consisting of two representatives from each local with UPS Teamsters. Then there will be local union meetings where officials explain it (and many give a sales job) and members can discuss it. The tentative agreement will then be put to a vote of the members in a mail ballot.

Teamsters at UPS will have at least two votes: one vote on the National Agreement and one on the Supplement (a local or regional agreement). In some cases, members will even get a third vote on a local Rider.

In 2002, Hoffa sold us the "Best Contract Ever." This time, UPS Teamsters need to scrutinize the settlement carefully before voting.

Make UPS Deliver Will Get You the Facts

Make UPS Deliver will get the facts out so that Teamsters at UPS can make an informed decision.

  • Make UPS Deliver will publish a contract analysis on contract highlights and lowlights.
  • The Make UPS Deliver network will also be holding a series of conference calls and rank-and-file meetings to bring members together to go over the agreement.

UPS is making record profits. Their offer will be the richest contract offer ever. We need to look beyond the dollar signs to make sure that the contract protects our pensions and benefits for the long term—and provides new contract protections that will improve life for Teamsters in every job classification.

UPS is hungry for an early deal. Our right to vote gives us the power to send the company and the union back to the table if they negotiate another substandard contract.

Make sure you are informed about the details of any new deal. And help spread the word to other Teamsters at UPS so they too can cast an informed vote.

Click here if you want to be contacted to participate in a conference call to go over the details of the new agreement.

Click here if you can help distribute copies of a Contract Highlights and Lowlights to UPS Teamsters.

Read the Wall Street Journal article "UPS, Teamsters Near Pension Deal."

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