Petition Drive for Full-Time Jobs at UPS

February 17, 2009: UPS is denying thousands of Teamsters full-time job opportunities—in violation of our union contract. Now, working Teamsters are getting together to do something about it.

UPS Teamsters from across the country are launching a national petition drive to make UPS deliver more full-time jobs.

UPS is violating Article 22.3 of our contract, which requires the company to maintain 20,000 combo jobs nationally as of August 1, 2008. The company is thousands of jobs short of the 20,000 quota—and is eliminating more full-time combo jobs every day.

In a national conference call organized by Teamsters for a Democratic Union, concerned UPS Teamsters launched a petition drive to make UPS create all 20,000 full-time combo jobs required by the contract.

Click here to download the petition.

Click here to download an informational leaflet to pass out to other Teamsters.

The petition calls on the International Union to file a national grievance to make UPS create all 20,000 full-time jobs that members are owed under the contract and to win back pay for all Teamsters who have been improperly denied full-time work—because their job has been eliminated, or because they are eligible for full-time combo positions that have not been created.

International Union Can Make the Difference

Members in local unions across the country have filed grievances. (Click here to download sample grievance language.) These local grievances, and more of them, need to be filed. But local grievances by themselves are not enough.

The company has used the grievance procedure to stall and buy time while they eliminate more jobs. The company “dissolved” 120 full-time combo jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth this week alone.

Management is playing a shell game, claiming that they are moving jobs to other locations or assigning jobs “to corporate.” In fact, thousands of jobs have been eliminated all together.

Local unions do not have all the information they need to prove this violation. The International Union does. And it's time for for the International to step up and enforce the contract.

National Grievance, National Audit

The International Union has the tools to bring an end to management’s stall tactics and shell game.

Instead of letting UPS drag individual grievants and local unions through step after step of the grievance procedure, the International Union can cut to the chase by filing a national grievance on the company’s violation of Article 22.3.

The International Union can end the company’s shell game by conducting a national audit of all 20,000 full-time combo jobs and documenting once and for all exactly how many more full-time combo jobs UPS needs to create.

Article 22.3 of the contract requires UPS to provide the International Union with a list of the 20,000 jobs it will maintain under Article 22.3 of the contract. The petition calls for the International Union to provide every local union with a copy of this list so that Teamster members will have the information they need to monitor violations and enforce the contract.

Make UPS Deliver More Full-Time Jobs

Members are getting organized to win more full-time jobs, and you can help. UPS Teamsters from coast-to-coast are getting involved in this effort.

Help do your part by passing out leaflets to members so they are informed and collecting petition signatures so our International Union gets the message that it is time to enforce our contract.

Part-Time America Won’t Work—but Teamster Unity will. Let’s work together to enforce our rights and make UPS create more full-time jobs.

Click here to download a leaflet to inform working Teamsters about the petition drive and the campaign to win more full-time jobs.

Click here to download the petition and collect signatures from concerned Teamsters.

Click here to let us know that you can help out with the petition drive.

Click here to send us a question or comment about 22.3 violations and our contract enforcement campaign.

Note: You have a legal right to distribute this leaflet and collect signatures on UPS property as long as you do it in non-work areas (the parking lot, the locker room, the break room) and at non-work times (while you and the person signing are off the clock).

If anyone from the company or the union interferes with your right to distribute this information, contact Teamsters for a Democratic Union. Click here to send a message or call 313-842-2600.

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