Time to Take on Subcontracting at UPS Freight

February 26, 2010: UPS Freight Teamsters have filed over 40 national grievances to close the loophole on subcontracting at UPS Freight.

Will the IBT take action to protect Teamster jobs?

UPS Freight management is using the one-way loophole in Article 44 and driving load after load right through it. Teamster drivers are laid-off while subcontractors are hauling our loads.

Now the IBT has a chance to stop it.

UPS Freight Subcontracting

Read TDU's report, see the map, and tell us about violations in your area.

A National Problem

Members and local unions have filed over 40 national subcontracting grievances. These grievances are on the docket to be heard at the UPS Freight national panel, March 3-5 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Members and local officers have filed grievances in Nashville, Dallas, Alabama, Florida, Columbus, Chicago, North Carolina, New York, Arizona, Las Vegas, Seattle, Reno, and more.

It’s clear that UPS Freight management is getting away with subcontracting across the country.

Click here to download the docket for the March panel.

Time to Take a Stand

Back at the national panel in July, the union and the company deadlocked subcontracting grievances from Dallas to arbitration.

That same panel ruled that there was no contract violation when the company used subcontractors in Lexington, Ky.

Eight subcontracting grievances were delayed at the last panel and carried over to this panel.

Members need IBT officials to start sending a stronger message to UPS management.

Our union has the power to take action and stop UPS Freight management from violating our contract. The March panel is the time to take a stand.

Inform. Organize. Act.

TDU is helping working Teamsters form a UPS Freight network to share information, mobilize for change, and enforce the contract.

Members plan to organize conference calls, email alerts, hand bills and other initiatives to address issues at UPS Freight.

To get involved in the UPS Freight network, call (313) 842-2600 or click here to send us a message.

Stay in the loop. Click here to get email updates from Teamsters for a Democratic Union.

Read the report on subcontracting at UPS Freight.

Tell us about contract violations in your area. A TDU organizer will contact you with advice.

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