UPS and UPS Freight — FAQs: How the Contract Vote Works

In your working life at UPS or UPS Freight, you may get five or six chances to vote on a contract, and improve your working conditions and benefits. This is one of them – take advantage of it!

Who Votes? All union members on the UPS or UPS Freight seniority list will be mailed a ballot at the end of May on the contract. At UPS Freight, there is just one national vote. At UPS Package, all Teamsters get at least two, and in many cases three separate votes: on the national contract, on your regional or local supplement, and on a rider (for some areas).

  • In "right to work" states, nonmembers do not get to vote.
  • The vote is by majority rule, among those voting. If you don't vote, you don't count.
  • If you don't get a ballot, you can request a duplicate.
  • It is a secret ballot; your ballot goes into a secret ballot envelope, then into a pre-paid return envelope.

Who counts the votes? The count will have an independent agent in charge, hired by the IBT. Due to past legal action, observers (members) not beholden to the Hoffa administration will be present. The unopened ballots will first be sorted by Local Union (there is a local union notation on the envelope), and the count will be then done separately for each local.   The count will begin on or about June 20 for UPS Package.

What if the contract is voted down? The IBT and UPS will return to bargaining, to negotiate a contact acceptable to members. This is not a strike vote; it is a vote on accepting or rejecting the contract, by majority rule.

What if supplements or riders are voted down? Then the supplemental negotiating committee and UPS will return to bargaining to negotiate a more acceptable supplement or rider. The national contract cannot be implemented during this period.

Do you have more questions? Click here to send TDU a message or call us at 313-842-2600.

How does TDU win rights and protect our Right to Vote?

  • TDU fought for and won majority rule on contracts: previously it took 2/3 to reject a contract.
  • TDU fought for and won the right to a separate vote on all supplements and riders, prepared the language and worked with locals to get it adopted in the IBT Constitution. Previously there was no such right.
  • TDU fought for and won the right to a "fair and informed vote" and observer rights.
  • When former Teamster President Jackie Presser tried to violate these rights, TDU went to federal court for an injunction which resulted in the UPS contract votes being tossed out, and the vote redone fairly.

TDU will keep working to win and protect your rights!

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